Saturday, 12 June 2010

The End of The 3rd Week in PASUM.

It is only the end of the third week of my PASUM life, but it seems like months has passed by, to me. Time flies, but time moves so slowly. Do you get it? I know you won't. Hahax. Never mind, let it be my problem.

   Up to date, let's summarize my 2 weeks of lectures. Hmmph. Lets recall it. The first few days was a bit uncomfortable and it seemed rushed to me, as we had to adapt to the new environment, meeting new friends in lectures, and rushing for a strategic position in the lecture hall which consist of 500+ people for Hayat 1. We even have to rush between 1-2pm for lunch break and Zohor prayers. Usually in the morning, I will be in the lecture hall around 7.10am to get hold of my usual seating, that is the front-middle row, I love that particular place where I sit almost everyday. Hehex. In the evening session lecture, I will be in DKU (Dewan Kuliah Utama), about 1.40pm to book my usual place, as usual. Hahax.

  Lets move on to the lectures. Honestly, I can't follow the biology lecture on the taxonomy stuffs. It just can't get into my brain. Our lecturers shows us slides on the big big screen infront, we had to do the superfast copying notes, try to listen and understand to their superfast elaborations. That involves viewing, writing, listening, understanding, and memorizing (especially for bio! xS). 5 in 1, all in fast mode. But, by the second week, I think, I'm used to it already. Other than biology FQAH0112, Taxonomy part, I don't have any problems with the other subject lectures.

   Now, I'm having headaches upon completing those sets of tutorial questions. Haiz. =.=! Next week will surely be even busier than these previous 2 weeks. I'm getting flu already starting this week, as I have no sufficient rest. Tiredness to the max. Insya-Allah, I will get use to these kinda stuff. ;D