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Monday, 20 August 2012

Practice Practice Practice!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

P/S : Training sokmo gitu. InsyaAllah. :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Eid Mubarak!

Assalamualaikum wbt. Peace be upon you. :)

Ramadhan has ended. That was the last iftar from the blessed Ramadhan, 1433Hijri. May Allah accept those ibadahs and supplications from us, sincerely. Taqabbal Allahu Mina wa Minkum. InsyaAllah.

       May the 29 days of Ramadhan bring great and tons of positive impacts on our life. Syawal is the month to supplicate and applicate those learnt tarbiyyah. Personally, I learnt best to be patient this Ramadhan. To bite my tongue more, and say less. InsyaAllah, hope this lasts. :)

       Happy Eid Mubarak to all the muslims! 1 Syawal 1433H. Forgive me of all the inappropriate or maybe hurtful actions to you, be it with the heart, the words and etc. I sincerely am sorry of the khilafs done. Lets forgive and forget always. Allah loves people who does this. In fact, we should do this everyday before going to sleep. Never keep grudges, it ain't good for your heart. ;)

P/S : Don't forget to revive the Eid morning with sunnahs of the Prophet. ;)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dhuha Talk with Ustaz Don :D

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Just got back from Ceramah Dhuha in Surau Madrasah Ihsaniah, Ampang Jaya. Located just 300metres from home. ;)

   While all the input is still fresh in mind, I figured out, it's best to share. Hee. Plus, the excitement of meeting Ustaz Don Daniyal is still here! This is super dream come true! Allahu Allah. He really knows when to grant me wishes which I myself aren't acknowledged of. :')

   This was officially, the first religious talk I've been to in Ampang, as far as I remember, ever since I was born. *Exaggerating. :P* Don't get me wrong, Ampang has been receiving lots of Ustaz/Ustazah since many years ago. Even TGNA and TGHA, and UAI had been here in Ampang, but those places weren't as mobile as the surau near my place. *excuses*

Alright, lets get to the points of Ustaz Don's delivered talk. :)
  1.  Nuzul Quran. The delivery of 5 of the verses of Surah Iqra', to Rasulullah(pbuh), the acknowledgement of his prophecy, from Allah, via Jibrail A.S. Rasulullah ran back home, down the cave he was hiding in and was shivering as a result of the being shocked, meeting Jibrail and was forced to read(Iqra').
  2. The description of the angels. Jibrail A.S. was described to have 600 pairs wings(600 each left and right). And Rasulullah described, when he saw Jibrail, it made Rasulullah stunt, because those wings covered the whole universe. And that's only a pair of wings, 599 pairs still kept unspreaded. SubhanaAllah. I could hardly imagine the size of Jibrail A.S. To WOW us more, Ustaz Don explained further about angels. Jibrail told Rasulullah, thay there is another angel bigger and stronger than it is, that is the angel named Israfel. The angel who will blow the final "trumpet" that marks Qiyamah(D-Day). One pair of its wings is equal to 600pairs of the wings of Jibrail. SubhanaAllah, AllahuAkhbar! Not only that, there are 8 more angels that are more powerful than they are. Refer to Surah Al-Haaqqa [69:17].
  3. The story of 3 cousins. Abdullah bin Jaafar, Hasan bin Ali and Husin bin Ali. Bani Hashim, Quraisy, the families of Rasulullah. The 3 of them traveled to Makkah to do their Umrah. On the way traveling back to Madinah, they lost their camel which carried their whole food supply. Feeling hungry and thirsty, they stopped by a house of an old woman. They pleaded for a drink and food. The old woman, with pure willing-ness, offered them goat milk and offered to sacrifice and cook the goat, the only goat/source of food of her house, for the trio. They ate and drank, and thanked the old woman for her kindness. They invited her to their homes if she came to Madinah. When her husband returned, he searched for the goat, the old woman then told him the whole story about the young men. He then scolded and blabered longggg until, it was described that he had lost words to say after scolding. Long later, the old woman and her husband stumbled upon poverty. They came to Madinah to work as camel faeces collectors during the days and sell them during the night. One day, Hasan recognised the old woman and approached her. Unfortunately, she could not recall of the incident of the trio. However, Hasan decided to reward the old woman with 1000goats and 1000dinars. Husin did the same, and Abdullah bin Jaafar did double. In total, she had 4000dinars and 4000goats. That is equal to being a billionaire in this era of time!!! The moral of the story is, we must have clean niyyah(intention) in helping people, like the old woman. She did not even recall being generous to those young men in need. We must be ikhlas, and Allah will surely reward us, eveen if it takes 10 years or more. :')
  4. Abdullah bin Jaafar and the slave of the family of Saiyidina Uthman bin Affan. One day, Abdullah came across the farm of the Uthman family. Abdullah saw the slave eating bread and giving the same amount of bread he ate to the watch dog in front of him. Abdullah then question why he does so, as the family of Uthman was well known of their high values of akhlak. The slave explains that he treats the dog, the creature, created by Allah, as his best friend, because the dog was always accompanying him in doing rounds in the farm, watching over the goats and lambs together with him. Thus, he will give the dog the same amount of food he eats. Abdullah felt moved by his explanations and decided to buy the farm and the slave. Going through several trials of discussion to purchase them with the Uthman family, they finally sold the farm and the slave to Abdullah, considering that he is the family of Rasulullah, but they were full with sadness. This is because the slave was born and grew up with the family and the farm was their precious inheritance. Abdullah then freed the slave and gave away the farm to the slave as a gift. Immediately after that, the slave said, as it was gifted to him, he wants to wakaf it(gift it) back to the Uthmanians. This shows how loyal could a servant be to his master. Are we loyal to Allah? ;(

   These weren't the full content of the talk Ustaz Don gave. But, these are the most impactful ones I remember. May Allah bless and may us take lessons from each of these stories told. InsyaAllah. ;D

P/S : Lets FEEL and FILL this Ramadhan! InsyaAllah. ^_^v

Nuzul Quran, tonight! ;)

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Between disliking and hating.

Assalamualaikum wbt. Good evening/morning. :)

So, what's with the title this time around huh?

   It shall speak for itself. Hee. Too lazy to elaborate much. Felt like dumping everything in mind, over here, but I know this isn't and not going to be, the best place to do so. Allah is the best place to seek help and only to Him, I seek. My He ease these days in Ramadhan and those future coming days. Ameen. :')

   Dislike being disliked, hate being hated.

That's it for today. Wallahu 'alam. Never forget to reflect upon yourself, everyday before going into your 'dream zone'. Forgive people and DO NOT forget to pray for forgiveness from Allah.

Jazakallahu khayran khatiran for reading.

Allahu ghaffur raheem. ;)

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Love Is On It's Way ;)

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi dear readers.

How is your Ramadhan so far? I bet, with the barakah of this holy month, everything is going smooth, aite? InsyaAllah. Ameen. To those whom are going through hard times(like me. LOL), be patient, He knows what's best for us, each and every second of our entire life! Everything is well written, our fate is already in His books since before we're born, what we could do is to ikhtiar(try our best), du'a(supplicate), and tawakkal, leave everything for Him to decide. 'Cause He is the All knowing, remember? ;)

A heart-touching article to ponder upon : Will You Change With Me? :''')

      Here's a song which had caught my eardrums tonight. May Allah enlighten our minds and guide us through the seeking of ourselves in this world of unimaginable creatures of His. SubhanAllah. La illaha ilallah. :)

P/S : Was once fanatic with the JBs. Now not so. But still, am trying to convert everything into His remembrance. InsyaAllah. :)
*13 Ramadhan 1433H : 5 more days to Nuzul Quran. How much of the Holy Quran have you covered?*