Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm leaving once more. :(

Hung out in 12th College and PASUM yesterday and today. And I'm sadly, heavy-heartedly, leaving for Penang once more tomorrow morning, before coming back again for Hari Raya holidays on 8 September till 19 September. Not really feeling of going back to Kepala Batas. =.=!

   Had really enjoyed spending these 2 days with my friends in PASUM. Thanks for sparing you time friends. I appreciate it much, despite tons of tutorials which you all have to finish this week. Huhuhu. :P! I'll come and visit you all often, when I'm free, I promise. ;)

   Love and miss you all. :)))

Friday, 27 August 2010

I will never ever forget about you guys. ^_^

Although I'm currently studying far away in Penang, I will always cherish those memorable moments in PASUM that I've went through with you guys. :'-)

   These pictures of sand-drawings are dedicated to all of you. Each and everyone of you were, are and will always be special to me. ;D

Miss you all very much!

   See you guys soon! XO XO!

Penang! Huhu. ;D

I'm back in KL! Yeay! Finally, my homesickness has ended. Woohoo. I miss my family, my cats, my friends in PASUM and UM! ;D

   Just arrived home a couple of hours ago, and here I am, excited to blog about yesterday's adventure in  Penang, although I had no enough sleep in the superfast-supercold Transnasional express bus. Hahaha. Okay, let me describe it one by one.

   Me and 2 of my housemates were boarding the late night buses, so we decided to do a short tour in Penang in the evening. And guess what? I hit the beach! Beaches excites me much. Hee. :D We took the ferry from Butterworth to the Penang Island. Then, we headed to Batu Feringghi by RapidPenang bus. Wee~! Yes, Yes, I'm a very adventurous girl. You can put me anywhere in the world, give me a few days time, I guarantee you, I'll explore the whole place and try to master it. All thanks to my dad's so-called army training. Hee. Last two weeks, I went to Queensbay Mall and Prangin Mall all by myself, alone. It's no big deal to me, as I love to shop and survey on places alone. Easier that way. ;D

   Anyway, Batu Feringghi is freaking awesome man! Beautiful, turquoise-colored sea and the white, fine sand that lies along the beach, had really excite me, as soon as I got there. ;))) I'll try parachuting and horse-riding in Batu Feringghi one day, when I've accumulate enough savings to do so. Both aren't cheap activities, you know. Lolz.

   Now, here's the pictures of the beautiful and famous beach of Batu Feringghi and the gals. :D

   And we went to see my bro to breakfast together in Penang. We had KFC. Hehehe. :P After that, we rushed back to Penang Central to catch our buses. Hee. ;D

The End. ;)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Today is the 23rd of August. =D

23rd of August? Hmm. Nothing special happened today. But, everyday is precious to me! Heeeee. =D Bio Test went well, the questions weren't hard. And I'm not saying I'm smart, don't get me wrong, yea. Duh!

   ACMS is kinda boring. But, I believe soon, it'll get interesting. Insya-Allah. ;D

   Must watch this weekend's Belgium GP F1 race. I've missed so many races already. I wana see Seb on the podium! :DDD

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Chronicles of Chocolates & Donuts.

When stress comes, it involves Chocolates and Donuts. Haha. Having crazy craves for both right now. Puasa! As I've said before, I'm a chocoholic and now comes the new term, DONUT-HOLIC. Duhhh. Ever since the Ramadhan Bazaar is here, I've bought Donuts each and everyday. Trying not to, but, but, but, as soon as I get a sight of donuts, hoho, buying them could not be an exception. Lolz. My house-mates knows I'm a donut-holic. Haha. :P

   Didn't slept the whole night yesterday only until after Sahur and Subuh. Time flew, as I was chatting with those night-owls friends of mine on FB. Only managed to get 3 hours of sleep and the consequences of that? Getting myself sick. Feeling feverish right now. Duh. :(

   Non-stop consumption of chocolates yesterday night, as I was a bit stressed out on an issue in my head. Plus, I've workloads to settle by the end of this weekend. Lab reports, and Bio test is next Monday. Gosh. I didn't even touch the newly photocopied Bio notes, and Mrs. Tanu is giving me headache most of the time in lectures. All this adds up to my stress level, making me even tension. Duhhh. =S!

Breaking Free.

Breaking free of myself. Trying to change my perception, my attitude, my behaviour towards LiFe, in this holy month of Ramadhan. Insya-Allah. I'll try my best in changing towards the better. Repenting to my mistakes. Sorry to all of you, if I've ever made any mistake, with or without my consciousness. Forgive me, people, mum, dad. And most importantly, forgive me Allah. Felt guilty to God that I've behave inappropriately throughout my life so far, been stubborn, and ignorant of the presence of God. :'(

   Why am I so EMO today? I don't exactly know too. Hmmm. Perhaps, sometimes ideas of repenting do come into our heads and make us think about what is our purpose of living on this planet called - the Earth. Self-reflection of life is essential to me. Every time things happen, it made me think what went wrong, and where? After all, it all relates back to our way of living our lives. My point of view on life is simple: We are all here living for the afterlife, Akhirat! ;D

   I guess, the end of the world is very near. So, people. Let's use the barakah in this holy month of Ramadhan, to transform ourselves, to be a better Muslim. Insya-Allah. Amin. :)

Wee~~~! Count Down. =D

Transnasional! Hee. ;D

Yeay! Finally, I bought the tickets back to KL this 26th of August, earlier in the evening today at Butterworth. Can't wait for Thursday to come. =DDD! I'm  very, deeply HOMESICK, although I've just stayed here for 2 weeks. You should understand, as I've never been staying away from KL for such a long period. Never experienced boarding school's life, and *wosh* I was dumped here in Kepala Batas, Penang, far away from the big city of KL. Aish. =.=

   Perhaps, this is an experience I should undergo, before, Insya-Allah, going to a further place, far away from my birth-country, called - Ireland. Hohoho. Insya-Allah. I'm working on it. Working hard to secure a place in NUIG and UCC! ;D

   Anyway. I want to go back to PASUM and AT LEAST sleepover for a NIGHT, in my previous room. Hehehe. Hope my dad allows me too. Praying hard he would. Because I miss my friends in PASUM! Miss them so badly. ;)))

   Hari Raya Aidilfitri is soon to be here. Planning on buying a whole lot of new stuffs. So, now I would have to have a budget and follow it, in order to save for the Raya shoppings in KL. Hehe. ;P

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Friendship are to be kept forever in our hearts.

People come and go in and out of your life. We meet, make new friends almost everyday in our life, but those old ones would never be forgotten. I would never ever forget those sweet moments in UM, and those bitter ones too. Haha. xP! I miss The Weekenders and my study gang! :'(

   Finally, I'm heading back to KL next week! 5 days off. Yeay! This home-sickness is affecting me badly here in Penang. Duh. I want to go back! And I wish this programme would end faster. Let time fly! Seriously, I'm here 2 weeks already, but still, I dislike this dead town so much. :S! Apart from the Kompleks Kailan, where there are shops to shop for stuffs, and Penang Island, there is nothing much in Penang.

      Owh yea. Good luck to Asasians in Midsem test! Insya-Allah, I'll pray for you all. ;D

This rainbow is captured and dedicated to all my PASUM pals. I miss you all! ;D

Friday, 13 August 2010

4th day in ACMS, Penang. ;)

I was really college-sick up to the 3rd day. Duhhh. Who won't be, if you've received such a short notice and had to leave your friends just like THAT? Plus, I've never been out of KL, and stayed in a hostel far away from home, what more PENANG??? I guess, this is one of the learning curves in life that I'll have to learn starting from now on. No more spoon-feeding, no more mama's & papa's daughter here in Penang. I'll learn to be on my own, independent. ;D

   I promise myself, Insya-Allah, I'll hit my 4.0 target here and do my very best in getting into either UCC or NUIG. Insya-Allah, I'll leave this dead town Kepala Batas, Penang. Argh. >.

   At the same time, I'm grateful that I've receive a good offer, a challenging one of course, maybe because it's new. Duhhh. Fine. Fine. Alhamdulillah anyway. :)

   By the way, I'm staying in a town-house (a 2 storey house, but each storey has its own doors.), I'm in the 2nd storey!, with 3 rooms. My housemates are niceeeee. Thank God. ;D Come to 1-15-B, Lorong Indera Putera 4, Putra Villas, Bertam, 13200 Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang and you'll find me! Hehe. I travel to college by bus, the shuttle bus provided by ACMS. This is because our college is 6km+ away from the hostel. And I have to walk alot here, because the shoplots are quite far away from the hostel. But, nah nevermind. I LOVE WALKING! Ehehe. :P

   What I can say for now is, I'm still trying to cope and fit into this new environment. Insya-Allah I'll get use to it soon. Although, deep inside my heart, I'm still missing PASUM. Hmmm. :-/ Changes are needed sometime, so, I'm willing to make a change to my life. Insya-Allah it'll go right, and it's the best way for me to achieve my ambition of being an ENT specialist. I've to forget about Engineering, I guess. But, But, But! I still am an F1 FREAK! =D That fact would not change forever! I love F1!

   Okay. Last words before I get ready to class today. Selamat berpuasa! Don't miss terawih, guys! It's a holy month, so let's maximize our ibadah, let's get closer to Allah, the One and Only God, Esa. ;DDD

To my PASUM friends, I miss you all! I'll come back soon and visit you, don't you all worry. ;)))

Saturday, 7 August 2010

I'm leaving. I'm already missing my friends.

No IB, but I've got MARA's offer to ACMS-Ireland programme in ACMS, Kepala Batas, Penang. Going to do 1 year of Pre-Medic in Penang, and then Insya-Allah, flying to Ireland for 2.5 years, next coming back to do my practical 2.5years in Malaysia. It's sad to leave my friends in PASUM. Hmmm. :'(

   The news came so sudden, that I had to keep it to only a few friends on Thursday and only tell my close friends on Friday night, which is yesterday. I didn't want them to be sad! Aish. =.='''

   Going to Penang, Insya-Allah tomorrow. Registering on Monday. That's freaking fast, right? Haiz. I wish I could have a couple more of weeks to spend with my beloved friends. Nevermind! I promise I'll visit you all as soon as I get back home! Yesh! Penang is far! I'll definitely be very very very HOMESICK! This is when I have to learn to cope with homesickness... @.@!

   My parents will settle all the redrawing of PASUM's stuff on the weekdays. I have to fill up forms and prepare a lot of documents right now.

   Goodbye, good luck friends! Wish me luck on getting 4.0 flat in order for me to study abroad in Ireland. Insya-Allah. ;D


Yasmin & Shy! ;D
Yasmin : The candid fweak. ;P
Shy : The cute Mrs. Bieber, having my specs on! Ahaha.
Sean, Me and Sufi. :D
Me & My bestie : Yasmin! Awwwh. :')
Vandalism in Lecture Hall. :P
Sufi =D