Thursday, 28 July 2011

La Tahzan! =)

Assalam. Today I came across an interesting article in These few paragraphs interest me the most. Lets spare your time and read it. =)
Firman Allah dalam surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216:
".......Dan boleh jadi kamu benci akan sesuatu sedang ia lebih baik bagimu, Dan boleh jadi kamu kasihi sesuatu sedang ia melarat kepadamu. Dan Allah mengetahui tetapi kamu tidak mengetahui.........."

Sometimes I asked for strength but Allah gave me difficulties so that i will be stronger.
Sometimes I asked for wisdom but Allah gave me problems so that i could think the ways of solving them.
Sometimes I asked for prosperity but Allah gave me brain so that i could use it to become a successful Muslim.
Sometimes I asked for courage but Allah gave me dangers so that i could find the ways to overcome those obstacles.
Sometimes I asked for love but Allah gave me tears so that i could drop them when I see those orphans live without love.

Sometimes I received nothing that I wanted but Allah always gave me everything that I Need.


Source : Innallahamaakum!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Lets get Serious.

Emo-ish state is over. Yeahhhhhhh. Greattttttt. Felt like writing something useful to share. So, here it goes. :)

Before I start my so called Serious-Life-Session, lets watch this video, shall we? Heee. :)

Aiman Azlan. I admire his way of portraying his ideas in Vlogs. :)

Ever think of getting married? Finding the perfect person who would fit you, until death tears you apart until the hereafter? Yes, I do. And I would like to share, the type of husband I would love to have, with Allah's will. Insya-Allah. I could only plan in my head, only He The Almighty, could really make things happen. Allahu Akhbar. :D

My DREAM husband's characteristics:

  1. He whom rarely and barely miss his solah.
  2. He whom always does Amar Makruf & Nahi Mungkar.
  3. He whom knows his limits and reminds the others of it. (esp. me)
  4. He whom cares and do things in the Islamic way.
  5. He whom could tear his ego and pride away when dealing with people, regardless of the gender, race and religion.
  6. A good education background.
  7. I do not want a "somebody's" son. I just want someone special out of the ordinary. After all, we are all Allah's slave, we are all equally the same before Allah.
  8. He must be funny and matured at the same time. :D
And not forgetting Rasulullah S.A.W.'s guide in choosing a wife/husband. =)
The Prophet (s.a.w) said : "A woman may be married for four reasons : for her property, her status, her beauty, and her religion; so try to get one who is religious, may you be blessed."
We all want to marry someone who could be a good father/mother to our future child. So, yeah. I want someone who fits me well enough and someone who could guide me through my life, change me towards the better. :)

So far, I have not really found one yet. Insya-Allah, I pray to Allah, may He bless me a great future ahead and send me someone whom really could walk through life and into Jannah along with me. Insya-Allah. Amin. :)

P/S : I know this is too early for me to plan for my marriage and all, but I really wanted to pour all these since awhile ago. Since many raised the issue of marriage to me lately, so I finally had the courage to post this on my bloggie. Hope we all will find our perfect partners soon. Insya-Allah. Hoping for best, always. :D

Absent-Minded AGAIN.

Absent-Minded Exact same month this happened again this year. Crazy month of July.

Again I went into the Absent-Minded world. Perhaps, I think too much of things. Yeahhhhh. Things.

   And again I went into the emo-ish state of crying. Yeah. Crying. ='( It helps. Yeah, it does sometimes.

   Hope things could be clearer by today evening. Insya-Allah. Stop me from thinking too much, Ya-Allah. Pleaseeeeee. I'm breaking down. People just kept on messing with my soul. Save my soul from crying oh Allah.

P/S : I'm quitting my work soon. I can't stand the things that are going on right now. I rather spend my Ramadhan at home with my beloved family.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Skyscraper ♥

Skies are crying,
I am watching,
Catching teardrops in my hands.
Only silence, as it's ending,
Like we never had a chance.
Do you have to make me feel
Like there's nothing left of me?

You can take everything I have,
You can break everything I am,
Like I'm made of glass,
Like I'm made of paper.
Go on and try to tear me down.
I will be rising from the ground,
Like a skyscraper,
Like a skyscraper.

As the smoke clears,
I awaken,
And untangle you from me.
Would it make you feel better
To watch me, while I bleed?
All my windows still are broken,
But I'm standing on my feet.
You can take everything I have,
You can break everything I am,
Like I'm made of glass,
Like I'm made of paper.
Go on and try to tear me down.
I will be rising from the ground,
Like a skyscraper,
Like a skyscraper.

Go run, run, run.
I'm gonna stay right here,
Watch you disappear.
Yeah, ohh.
Go run, run, run.
Yeah, it's a long way down,
But I am closer to the clouds,
Up here.

You can take everything I have,
You can break everything I am,
Like I'm made of glass,
Like I'm made of paper.


Go on and try to tear me down.
I will be rising from the ground,
Like a skyscraper,
Like a skyscraper.
(Like a skyscraper)
Like a skyscraper,
Like a skyscraper.

P/S : This song is soooo soooo soooo COOL! I Love Demi! 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Benefits of being HAPPY! :D

  • Happy people work better with others.
  • Happy people are more creative.
  • Happy people are more energetic.
  • Happy people fix problems.
  • Happy people are more optimistic.
  • Happy people are more motivated.
  • Happy people get sick less often.
  • Happy people learn faster.

"Happiness boosts productivity of life."

P/S : Always be HAPPY and SMILE :)   Allah S.W.T. is always with us. Insya-Allah. ;)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

TGV. =)

Tanjong Golden Village. That's the name of the entertainment cum cinema industry I'm currently in. :)

   Not including today, I've worked for 4 days here in TGV. Overall, I could say this is a whole new sight on life for me. Being in the customer service-entertainment line, it is not an easy job, but it's fun though! ;DDD  By far, the only thing that bothers me is the tiredness of returning home late at night. You see, I'm on night shift everyday, 4pm-11pm. By the time I arrive home, it's around 12 midnight already, so I will go straight to bed. No night life for me huh? Never mind. This is temporary. Be patient. =)

   My colleagues are so cool! I really like working with them. I'm the youngest there I suppose. Haha. And I don't get bullied okayyy. Haha. They are really helpful and caring, so yeah, in 2 days time I felt like I've worked there for 2 months. I blend in fast, don't I? Too fast maybe? Haha.

   I must say, I'm frustrated to have to handle the ticket box (the counter where you all purchase the tickets) for straight 4 days! Argh. I want to be placed either in the candy bar or floor in the nearest time soon. Hope so! I want to learn as much as possible. It's the experience that matters, not the money. If I lose something and gain back something better, I'd love it! ;)))

   So, yeah. Next month will be Ramadhan. I will try my best to request to work on day shifts. I wouldn't want to miss my terawih prayers. :)

   That's all for now peeps! If you happen to come across TGV KLCC, and see me working, come greet me and say hi okie? Heeee. =D

P/S : I've got an interview at PPUKM this Tuesday. Wish me and my friends good luck! Insya-Allah. Hoping for the best future. ;D

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hati. =)

Dalam setiap badan manusia itu ada seketul daging, jika baik daging itu maka baiklah keseluruhannya, jika buruk daging itu maka buruklah keseluruhannya. Itu adalah HATI.

Hati. Umpama raja dalam diri. Kawallah raja itu, agar setiap masa bersama Ilahi, moga nanti badan bergerak seperti seorang manusiawi.

A quote taken from : Ayuh Proses Hati.

P/S : Lets clean our hearts, lets be good muslims. Its about time to reflect on the bad things we did and repent right away. Insya-Allah. May Allah give us the strength and courage to change to the better. Especially me. Amin. :D

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Work. Hee. :D

Assalam. :)

Yes! I've finally got the chance to work. No, it's not too late. Never a thing will be too late to begin. :)

   I will start working tomorrow (Wednesday). What kinda job? I will be a CRO (Customer Relations Officer) at TGV KLCC. Heee. Do come and give me a visit okie? I will be on night shifts. The pay is kinda good, that doesn't matter though, all I want is experience and new skills. Insya-Allah, I believe I will obtain much of those by the end of the month. :D

   By the way, am still waiting for the Eire interview results. If not, I have to attend the 19th July interview at PPUKM, Cheras. Hope to hear good news. Insya-Allah.

   Last week was spent with my family, I loved it. I will try to maximize my time with my family instead of my friends, not to say I don't want to hang out with you guys, its just that my family are more important to me right now. After entering Medical School later on (Insya-Allah), I will not get to spend this much time at home already. So, appreciate your family and cherish every moment you have with them. I love my family! ;D

P/S : Good Luck with the Eire interview results, peeps! ;)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Untuk Renungan. =)

“Dulu sebelum kalian ada seorang lelaki yang membunuh sembilan puluh sembilan orang, sehingga dia bertanyakan tentang orang yang paling alim di kalangan penduduk bumi. Mereka menunjukkannya kepada seorang rahib (ahli ibadah), kemudian orang tersebut mendatanginya dan berkata bahwa dia telah membunuh sembilan puluh sembilan orang. Apakah masih ada kesempatan baginya untuk bertaubat? Rahib tadi berkata: “Tidak.” Orang itu lalu membunuhnya, sehingga genap menjadi seratus orang. Kemudian dia bertanya tentang penduduk bumi yang paling alim. Maka ditunjukkan kepadanya seorang alim. Dia berkata kepadanya bahawa dia telah membunuh seratus orang. Apakah masih ada kesempatan baginya untuk bertaubat? Orang alim tersebut menjawab: “Ya! Dan siapakah yang mampu menghalang antaramu dengan taubat. Pergilah ke negeri ini dan itu, kerana di sana ada orang-orang yang beribadah kepada Allah Ta’ala. Beribadahlah bersama mereka, dan jangan kembali ke negerimu karena negerimu adalah negeri yang jelek.” Kemudian orang itu pergi tetapi di tengah-tengah perjalanan dia meninggal. Lalu malaikat rahmat dan malaikat adzab saling berselisih tentangnya. Malaikat rahmat berkata: “Dia datang dalam keadaan bertaubat, menghadap Allah.” Malaikat azab berkata: “Dia belum beramal shalih sama sekali.” Kemudian datanglah kepada kedua malaikat itu seorang malaikat dalam bentuk manusia. Mereka (kedua malaikat itu) menjadikannya sebagai pemutus urusan mereka. Malaikat itu berkata: “Ukurlah antara dua negeri tersebut. Mana yang lebih dekat (jaraknya dengan kedua negeri itu) maka itulah lebih berhak.” Mereka kemudian mengukurnya. Ternyata mereka dapati bahwa dia (orang yang mati itu) lebih dekat ke negeri yang baik. Maka malaikat rahmat mengambilnya.” 

- Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim -

For full story, visit Langit Ilahi. =)

P/S : Janganlah sesekali berputus asa. Insya-Allah. ;)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hello! :D

Meet Mr. Green Teddy. Heee. :D

P/S : Just got back from Penang. The interview was fine. I feel okay about it. Malas nak elaborate what I've been asked during the session. I gotta get some rest! Btw, Penang was AWESOME. I miss everything. :D

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Life is A RACE to be WON!

Imagine yourself sprinting in a 100 metre race. You are currently at the 80 metre marking point, and you are about to win. 20 more metres and you will win! But, with the exhaustion in your legs, you seriously feel that you cannot continue up to the finish line. Not even the cheers from your fans could help you replenish the energy of your muscles. What actually goes through your mind at that very point?

   If I were that athlete, this is what I would have in mind :
"20 more metres, and the winning trophy will be mine. Lets give the race all out, despite of the pain and cramp I will suffer later on. I've worked such a long distance, why can't I put a little bit more afford in completion of the 20 metres? Go, girl! Go get that finish line you've always dreamed of! You can do it. Your fans had cheered for you, and lets not crush their big hopes for you. Sprint!"

Now, lets apply that imagination on this real life. For example, in the very situation I'm facing right now.

   Yea, the reality is I failed to get through the first interview with the Irish. But, it's not over yet. Alhamdulillah, I still have my second chance with the Irish and I've got a backup. The race is still on. Like the race I've mentioned earlier on, even though you are full in fatigue-ness, and thinking of the bad consequences that you will face later on, you must go on, continuing the race, because it's not over yet! Trying your best is the best option you have at this very moment. Optimism is what I need. "Will I be sad and heart-broken again, if I don't get through this time?" Lets just set that thought aside for the meantime. =)

   And the hopes of the fans represents your family and friends' hope for you. You don't want them to be sad and see you giving up too soon right? So, think of yourself, your family, friends and most importantly Allah swt. Allah don't like to see us giving up too soon. Always be on the stronger side of yourself. Insya-Allah. ;D

 Before I end my point of view, one more crucial thing. Sometimes, when people try to drag down your emotions, fight back! Show them that you can win too! :D 

P/S : I am writing this to inspire myself for the second interview, this coming 5th July. Because I am kinda in the lazy mood to study for the interviews right now. Hahaha. Hope it could inspire you in anything you do in life. ;)

Friday, 1 July 2011

The honesty straight from my heart. =)

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Today, I would like to let out my honestest opinion on myself. :)

   Alright. Lets begin.

First of all, I honestly am confused of myself at times. Sometimes, I am being the always-up-to-date girl. I socialize too much, yea I do, I admit. I always know it's wrong to socialize too much, it's haram in Islam, but I do not understand why I can't resist that feeling of continuing it. Sometimes, I feel my Iman is weaking, and sometimes it bounces back to be higher than usual. So, you could see how confused I am now, right? :S

   There are times when I feel of changing myself. A change towards the better. Being a better muslim. Controlling what I do and socialize in. But, there are times when I myself couldn't control my emotions and start doing the wrong things. May Allah show me the right path. Subhanallah. =/

   The point here is, I need some guidance on the right path, to enable myself to do the things in Allah's way, the right Islamic way. Insya-Allah, I hope to find a person who really can guide me throughout this life and live a blessed life to head to Jannah. Insya-Allah. Amin. May Allah give me the strength to change me. :D

P/S : This time around, I have higher faith and stronger Iman to be a little better. Thanks to the incidents of life this week, it taught me to be stronger. This post is sincerely from my heart. Let it speak for this once. :)