Monday, 31 October 2011

The same, yet different.

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Young hearts, I believe that we're not far, from becoming who we truly are. Dreamers, you see everything in colours, while the world is getting darker. So, hold on another day, cause love is on its way. You're gonna be okay, cause love is on its way. It's alright, you'll find a brighter day, cause love is on its way.

Okay. That is not from me, it's entirely based on the lyrics of the song "Love Is On Its Way" by The Jonas Brothers. Yeay, JB still have my heart up until now! :DDD

    Anyways, this title was random. Nothing significant, really.

This weekend marks the 7th week upon my arrival here in Galway, Ireland. Alright, I'm tired of doing the countdown thingy already. Duhhh. Speaking about time, the daylight saving time has ended and now, we are an hour behind. A larger time difference between Ireland and Malaysia. Grrrrrreat. =.='''

   By far, no homesickness had been detected YET, just missing my family and some of my friends. Most probably because we were so preoccupied with tests and exams for the few past weeks, studies had been the priority to most of us. And to me too, of course. Haha. And YEAY, good news keep coming from home and apparently my newly wed brother is going to be a father! Hee. Two to-be-fathers in the house! I'm gonna be an auntie soon. Hehe. Insya-Allah. :DDD

   All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. Yeah, true! Luckily, there were many things that had been helpful in terms of filling my time during the weekends, which is NOT academically related. Geez, I would die of boredom if everyday were filled with Medicine. -.-' Sports, Orchestra, COOKING (God. I still can't believe I could cook! Haha.) and not forgetting some spiritual-soul feeding sessions of usrah. Heee. I'm loving everything here, except for the cold extremities that's going on right now. =S
   Last week, I've been to Dublin and this week I've managed to tour Bunratty Castle & Folk Park in County Clare. Both venues had been awesome, Alhamdulillah. =) Travelling aren't just about travels, it's always about gaining something. When you sacrifice or give something, you'll get something back. Wallahu 'Alam. :)

   The big winter exam is just around the corner. There's no time to fool around anymore. The only issue I'm having right now is to learn how to RELAX. Still trying to find ways to not push myself too hard. Insya-Allah, may Allah ease. Studying Medicine is no easy job dude, never underestimate the level of toughness it has. People whom survive these 5 years of struggle are tough people! Never look down on them. Hope I will be one of them, Insya-Allah. Amin. :D

P/S : Trying to save up for the winter trip to UK! Heeeee. Insya-Allah. :D

Friday, 28 October 2011


‘Bismillaahi, tawakkaltu ‘ala Allahi, laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah.’

Meaning: I begin with the Name of Allah, I put my trust in Allah, there is no ability or might except with Allah.’

…it will be said to him, ‘Your affair has been taken care of, you have been protected [from all evil], and the Shaytaan moves away from him.” (Tirmidhi #3426 & Abu Dawood #5095)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

You're Beautiful.

I see Your face in every sunrise
The colors of the morning are inside Your eyes
The world awakens in the light of the day
I look up to the sky and say
You're beautiful

I see Your power in the moonlit night
Where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright
We are amazed in the light of the stars
It's all proclaiming who You are
You're beautiful, You're beautiful

I see you there hanging on a tree
You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me
Now you are sitting on Your heavenly throne
Soon we will be coming home
You're beautiful, you're beautiful

When we arrive at eternity's shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we'll sing
You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful

I see Your face, You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful
I see Your face, You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful
I see Your face, I see Your face
I see Your face, You're beautiful, You're beautiful, You're beautiful

*A song by Phil Wickham. Although it's a Christian song, I redirect it to Allah SWT. It's amazing how songs could be diverted to praising Allah if you listen and understand it well enough. :)
Subhanallah. Allahu Akhbar. =')

P/S : Only to Him the eternal love will remain. Insya-Allah. O' Allah may You bless me a good life and never let me go astray on this temporary dunya. =')

Saturday, 8 October 2011

10 Thousands miles away.


Masya-Allah. We are already in the month of October! My fourth week here and yet I feel I've been here for almost year. Pretty much covered the maps of Galway and trying to reach out to places in Ireland. Insya-Allah. =)

   Up to this point, I've realized things are always to be shared. No matter what, when and how. Working alone, going solo all the time, will get you nowhere, for real. Why did I said so? Perhaps being in my shoes would provide you a better understanding. On occasions, I feel tremendously terrible of myself. Of things. Fortunately, Allah always sends me someone to help me get through those terrible days. Alhamdulillah. Allah never send you tests or musibah that you couldn't afford to handle. He knows whats best for you. And every incident, every action and every second of everything have its hikmah. Subhanallah. =')

   Today's conclusion? Share whatever goods you have in you. Giving is far better than receiving. But, things work in a bilateral way, so give and take with people, and may Allah bless you for sharing. :)

P/S : I've gain so much so far here. May Allah give us hidayah to change for the better and do good to others. Insya-Allah. Amin! =')