Sunday, 28 March 2010

Still waiting... Getting boring and more boring.

I'm still waiting for my apps of scholarships to be responded to. JPA on 29th, which is tomorrow. Insya-Allah, I'll get the chance. Hope to see my friends, especially the new HKL friends I've met at the programme. :D

   Petronas is kinda ridiculous, asking for an IE 6.0 and above for its apps. God, I don't have IE on my Mac. Haish. So, ma fan! And they didn't even inform us when will the list be available for checking. Duhhh. And 5 other scholarships. Lolz. It's hard for me to even remember what I've applied for, now, I've to check one by one, everyday. Thank God, I have a small note book that acts as my little reminder. Hahax. :D

   Hope to get good news tomorrow. :D Insya-Allah. Amin. :-]

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Confidence and Faith in myself.

Seriously, before the programmme started, I was 70-30 about choosing the field of medicine. On the second day, I was losing my faith even more, it was 50-50 already! The third day, the last day, had really made me gain my full faith and confidence back. All thanks to the diabetes consultant (I forgot her name XP). And not forgetting my dad and my friend, Farah! Thanks for helping me regain my confidence and faith back! :D

    Now, I am really determine to be a responsible doctor and next an ENT specialist! Like all the doctors said, it's all about giving and not hoping for any rewards. Helping people with your warmest sense of sincerity. Yea, I know doctors have to sacrifice their lives to the patients. But, for the good deeds(pahala) and barakah, I wouldn't regret choosing this path of my life. If only, I don't get scholarships to pursue my studies in this field, I'll accept it as my fate. I'll go with my second choice and third choice : Mechanical Eng and Economics. It's not that I'm indecisive, I have 3 main choices of field that I'm interested in. This is the system I call as, the backup system. In case that I don't have the rezeki to do medicine, I'll do either Econs or Mechanical Eng. FYI, I'm a freak fan of F1 and I love Econs since form 4. Lolz. :D

   So, let's hope and pray this 29th of March, I'll get the interview call and next, I get the scholarship. I want to start studying as soon as possible. Miss studying so much! :-]

PPKSD HKL Day 2 & 3.

Sorry for the late update. I was too tired to blog. Lolz.

DAY 2.

   My group visited the Pembedahan Am department. Nothing much to see. The surgeon gave us some elaboration on the pathway of becoming a doctor and how LONG it takes to become a specialist.  Lolz. He also told us about his experiences during medical school and his housemanship years. After that, Sister Mah gave us a brief story about her children dreams and ambitions.

   Next, we went to the forensic department. Fortunately, there were a murder case. An Indian guy was assaulted by 6 persons and a post-mortem had to be carried out. Once we entered the room, I could really smell something strong and it gets stronger as we stayed longer there. Gosh! I won't ever forget that smell, dude! Ewww. Felt like throwing up! There were a couple of medical students doing their practicals, a forensic officer taking pictures, and doctors. First, I saw the brain. Then, the intestine and the lungs. I even saw the tongue attached to something, perhaps the trachea? I'm not sure. The head of forensic was a little fierce, I must say. He should chill a bit. :P

   Last trip of the day : Obstetrics & Gynaecology department. Hoping to see babies, unfortunately I didn't get the chance. My group was split into 2 groups, the other half of the group went to the second floor's ward, and I was in the other half of the group who went to the first floor. So, they were lucky to have the chance to see and even, touch the babies there! We were so tired in the end of the day, that we didn't have the strength anymore to ask questions. Lolz.

DAY 3.

   We were asked to arrive before 8am, but the thing only starts at about 8.45am. So, we had to gather and stand in the hall for 45 minutes. Lolz. So, on this day, that is our last day of the programme, we went to Outpatient Clinic. In only about 1.30 hours, we visited a lot of the sub-departments in the department. The most interesting one has to be the diabetes care center! The consultant was so nice and friendly. But, we only get to hear her explanations in a short time only. I have to thank her for inspiring me to be strong and teaching me to keep that smile on my face always, although there are some hard times that we had to go through. I can see that she's a very passionate person, and I wish I'll have the chance to talk to her again. :D

   We entered the auditorium next. Filled up the feedback form and handed it to the group leader. After that, we were given a break and were told to be back by 2.00pm. After early lunch, my friend and I decided to do our own touring to our favourite departments for awhile. Hehex. I went to the ENT department, trying my luck and hoping that I could watch doctors treating ENT patients. Sadly, I didn't get the permission and was ignored by the MA persons. But, at least, I've tried! :P

   My friend was interested in Oncology, so we went to the Radiotherapy & Oncology Department. Apparently, one of the radiotherapist there helped us out and did a bit of his "boring" elaboration on oncology. Lolz. What we wanted to know was just, how does the life of an oncologist is? Duhhh. By the time we head back to the auditorium, I was freaking sleepy already!

   The closure of the event was a hilarious one. A lot of fun was in it. Dr. Ding, was fun and so was the speeches from the group leaders. I'll miss you all friends! The day ended with us exchanging fb and numbers. Lolz. :D

   Hope to see you guys in the interview session at Putrajaya soon. Hope I'll get it and could get through it. :D

P/S: Sorry, that the pics are limited. This is because, I was too busy going here and there, until I forgot to take photos. :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

JPA's Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor. Day 1.

I took the bus, then the monorail early in the morning to HKL. I had arrived too early perhaps. Hahax. I was sesat for 30 minutes inside the hospital! Lolz. At last, I arrived at the main block and registered at the counter.

   We were told to enter the auditorium and have our opening taklimat. Guess, what? I met a couple of hot guys there! Ahahax. Being flirty again. XP! After the introduction of HKL and the speech of the assistant director, we were separated into groups. 6 groups that consists of 30+ people. My group consist of 35 people.

   First, we went to the A&E department. The MO, Dr. Azimah was really nice, and shared a lot of her experiences with us. She brought us to the Green Zone (Non-Critical), Yellow Zone (Semi-Critical), and the Red Zone (Critical). When we was in the Yellow Zone, we saw an unconscious woman getting stabilize by the doctors and medical assistants. And, shockingly, we saw and heard a woman screaming in the Yellow Zone Ward. Gosh! We freaked out. Hahax. That's what a doctor's job is, stabilizing emotions of patients. Lolz. So, guys, please don't scream at doctors while you are getting their treatments, put yourself in their condition, and think how you'd feel when people scold you in your face, while you are putting your best in saving lives?

   Later, after lunch, we were taken to the orthopedic clinic. Nothing much. Just visited a few orthopedic wards and saw patients with broken hands and legs. Can you imagine seeing people with metal inserted through their femur? OMG! It's so horrific! Ouch, ouch, ouch! >.

   Guess who I met? Mr. Umaas! Ahahax. My favourite Add Maths tuition teacher! :D

   Hope tomorrow will be more informational than it is today. Tomorrow going to Forensic, O&G, and Pembedahan Am departments. If we are lucky, we might get a chance seeing dead bodies, babies being delivered, and operations being carried. Hehex. :D

Friday, 19 March 2010

5 Days Programme at HKL!

Actually, at first, I didn't even remembered today was the date to check on JPA's update on the Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor. Lolz. Went to McD Ampang Point in the morning, then to CC (Cybercafe), to settle the Petronas scholarship which ends today! Last minute work, don't blame me! Blame this MAC for not having an IE 6.0! Duhhh.

   Anyways, one of my friend text me and asked me whether I did get a place for the program. Thanks to her for reminding me! :D I quickly went to JPA's website and checked the name list. Alhamdulillah. The first word I saw in my application list, was TAHNIAH! OMG! So, I downloaded the Surat Panggilan and printed it with all the other stuff. My friend didn't applied for JPA. But, she did applied for MARA, tough. Friends keep asking me, "Why apply for JPA and not MARA?". Hmm, I guess, I just want to try my luck on the best scholarship I could get my hands on. Insya-Allah. I believe, I could get it! :)

   Now, I can't wait to attend that 5 days programme at HKL. I came across one of the scholar's blog about the programme's content. We'll get exposure on a Doctor's job in hospitals and a tour will be given to us around the hospital to almost all the departments. By the way, I chose HKL, because it's the biggest government hospital and it has the most complete facilities, compared to new hospitals, like Hospital Ampang. What's more important is, I think, HKL has more daily cases, which could expose me to such environment and help me to decide better in taking up a doctor's career. Hope to see familiar faces there and make some new friends. Who knows, one of them might end up being my roommate (Not a guy, of course!). Hahax. Insya-Allah. :-]

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Outings and Hang Outs of the week! :D

Tuesday, 16th of March. Went out with Nab to celebarate her birthday and Geraldine's, her friend. Sunway Pyramid was the venue and we had a lot of fun!

At first, I thought I'll be boring hanging out with my sister's friends, which are younger than me by 3 years gap. It turned out to be an awesome one. Hehex. :D Despite of their young age, I could really see, how mature some of them think and plan stuff. I do feel that some of them will be somebody one day, as a great leader. Hahax. :P

So, they went ice-skating, then archery, after that steamboat. Lolz. I didn't skate, because I knew it will be freaking boring skating alone. Lolz. But, the archery was really a very fun experience, doing something once in a lifetime. Hahax. Now, my biceps muscles are in PAIN! Before that, I went to the arcade center beside TGV, and played my favourite game, car racing! Hahax. I won!!! Hahax. :P

Now move on to another hang out I went to. Hehex.

Went to Times Square yesterday, 17th of March. Hung out with my classmates of 5SB. At first, we wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland. God knows, the tickets for the whole day were sold out, except for 11pm in the night?! Duhhh. So, we decided to change to Confucius. Lolz. We are Confucians, watching Confucius. Hahahax. XD!

I thought the movie were going to be boring, but it turns out to be inspiring and it touched my heart! Tears were running down my cheeks and Teong Geng's too. Not sure whether the boys felt it the moments of sadness from the story. But, honestly, if you don't know even a little bit of China's history, you won't understand the movie much. It's all about philosophies' of Confucius, 孔子, and his experiences before he gave up being involved in the politics. After the movie, we went for a yam cha at OldTown. :D

I think that's enough for the meantime. I'm partially broke already! Lolz. Going to have a vey busy weeks ahead. So, I think I won't be able to do this kinda hang outs more often anymore. Good Luck guys with your future! :D

Monday, 15 March 2010

Apply! Apply! Apply!

So far I've applied for various scholarships. BNM, JPA, Yayasan TM, and Yayasan Khazanah Global. The YTN scholarship I've applied for was immediately rejected after I submitted it. Lolz. I don't know what the system wants. Maybe it has internal network problem. Whatever. Really hope I'll get one of it. Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Economics. Tthree of the courses interest me much. So, I don't mind getting any one of it. Hehex. Pray for me so that I could further my studies overseas, friends! :D Insya-Allah. Amin.

I would have to do some more applications for UEM, Shell, Petronas, PNB, and I'll give it a shot for Asean Scholarship. Because, it's hard to get an Asean Scholarship! I know that for a fact. Hope you all will give it a try too. Good Luck! Wish me luck too! :D

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Arghhhh.... This week is a long and tiring week! Finally the SPM results are out! Phewww, what a relief! Alhamdulillah. Amin. Thanks to my family and friends for their prayers! <3 I didn't know why, I did cried a little after getting results. Perhaps, those tears where the hardship tears I've put in during the examination days. No one could ever understand my situation while I was having my exams. That period of time, to me, was the hardest time to go through so far. With all the pressure and problems involving my family back then, it was tough! But, with the help from Allah, my family and my friends, I managed to get through it finally. Maybe that was the tears for. :')

   Now, the scholarships are killing me! I'm tired! Wosh! :E!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

SPM Results, tomorrow! :S

So, tomorrow's the SPM Results day. SPM 2009 candidates, get ready. This includes me! I'm not sure whether I'm nervous or not. Maybe, I'm in between nervous-chill. Hahax. Tawakal to Allah. What it turns out to be tomorrow, is already fated, destined for me. So, I won't argue much on Allah's decision. Take it and work on it!

   Now, I'm really confused about what course to apply for scholarships. As far as I've plan, my options are Medicine/Dentistry, Mechanical/Automotive Engineering, and Economics. So, it all depends on what scholarship I'm applying for. I hope to apply and attend interviews as much as I possibly could. Let's pray and hope for a good results guys and gals. Insya-Allah. Amin. :D

P/S: Hectic days ahead. Have to prepare a lot of stuff upon applications for scholarships.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

RBR car stretched! It's cool anyway.


I Only See You - Benton Paul. Cute Guy+ Great Voice!

 That's Benton Paul, third from left. Between Nick and Kevin. :D

In a crowded place, I see just your face
And it looks so familiar
I can’t get to you, though I’m trying to
There are just too many barriers

But I only see you, in all that I do
To the rest I am blind
I don’t want something new, other than you,
For the rest of my life

People talkin’ loud, I can’t hear the crowd
You are so much more appealing
I’ll be honest girl, you’ve become my world
And I’ll spend my life exploring

Cuz I only see you, in all that I do
To the rest I am blind
I don’t want something new, other than you,
For the rest of my life

Promise I’ll always be there for you
If you give me the chance
Promise I’ll never be less than true

And I’ll only see you, in all that I’ll do
To the rest I’ll be blind
I don’t want something new, other than you,
For the rest of my life.

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Freak-Ness iN Me!

Sometimes, I do think I'm a freak! Yeah, I'm a freak exactly right now. My freaky emotions, my freaky thoughts and my freaky obsessions!

There were times, when I feel no one cares about me. I'm living in my own world. Duhhh. No one to share bad moments, no one to listen to my problems. And bla, bla, bla. Honestly, I don't really have a very very close friend to share everything about me. Maybe, it's because I'm a person who doesn't trust people 100%. So, I've an issue with my trust. Lolz. But, but. I do have my sisters to share stories with, and my mum too! I would say, they are my best friend ever! <3 They are the persons I'd share every secret with. They are the persons I'd trust the most. They are the persons I'd love forever! <3

Okay. Back to the freaky me. Lolz. Sometimes, I feel my friends don't really consider me as their best friend at all, not like what they had said. It's all just a lie. Now, I really don't care about them. I'd love to be selfish for a while. :P

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Official SPM Date!

KUALA LUMPUR: The results of the 2009 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) examinations will be announced next Thursday (March 11), according to a statement from the director-general of education.

The results will be released at schools from 10am on that day, the statement said, adding that private candidates will get their results in the mail.

A total of 165,853 sat for the SPM written examination at 3,569 centres in the country between Nov 18 and Dec 16 last year while 6,920 candidates took the STAM examination at 98 centres between Oct 19 and 27, the statement said. -- Bernama


Okay. I don't really care! Because, you are not important to me!

There's this one old lady who just don't know how to appreciate her family, just because she's gonna marry a man that is 10 years younger than her, which had probably poisoned her mind. Okay, fine. Marry him and we'll just watch what'll happen! Duhh. After that, don't come begging like hell for help.

You don't decide on our lives okay. Hope you'll breakout from the shield of mind that guy had put you on. Too naive. That's the word. 66 lady marrying a 56 old guy? Maybe you all will call it fate. But, if you put yourself in my situation, you'll understand what I'm going through. HELL! I suspect she is possessed by some black magic shit. I HATE BLACK MAGIC or its recognized as BOMOH! All syirik! I really think its a practice against Allah's will. What is destined for you absolutely is gonna be yours. So, accept Allah's will and tawakal to only HIM. Using syaitans are a stupid thing to do, you know?! It's just gonna get you to the worst HELL!

Hope Allah will protect me and my family from any threats. Especially, black magic. I don't want to get involved in any black magic. Let's do it the clean way, can't we? Only LOSERS will use Bomohs as a protection. Allah's protection is the greatest of all. Nothing can beat Allah. Subhanallah. Allahu Akhbar!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Short Story : The Story Of Sarah.

“A little bit longer, and I’ll be fine”. There goes another song from The Jonas Brothers. Sarah, a sweet young girl, had to find ways to keep her mind away from the tragedy that had took the lives of her family. As she is alone living with her aunt, she doesn’t have friends to talk to. Her aunt is always busy, managing her own business. She will always listen to her favorite music, whenever she feels lonely or sad. As it will release a little bit of the burden off her chest.

    It all happened in December 2, 2008. Sarah and her family were heading south to the airport. They were going to board the flight to Perth, Australia, for a week long holiday. They were all excited for the trip. But, unfortunately, it all ended in tragedy. They were hit by a truck, whose driver had totally lost control of the vehicle, on the highway. She was the only survivor of the tragedy. The driver was charged, but the fact is, Sarah won’t ever get to see her family again.

    Accepting the fate from God, she remained calm. She was a tough and determined girl. She had no other relatives besides her aunt, after she had lost her family. From that day on, she knew that she will have to live independently on her own.

    She worked hard to pursue her dreams. She had luck on her side, because she was accepted into the one of the top university in the world - Harvard. She took up law, and she became one of the best law student in the world. Upon her graduation day, a big law firm in UK offered her a job, as an apprentice. She knew, that was the chance for her to shine. Without any doubt, she accepted the offer and started working in that very firm, immediately a month later.

    Year by year goes by. Now, she is one of the most influential lawyer in the UK. She married a British neurosurgeon. And now, she has two children. One named Ben and the other, Alexa. She is now living very happily, despite the lost of her family years ago.

P/S: This is a random story I started writing a couple of months ago. Now, it's finally ready to be posted! :D

F1, Seb, RBR!

The new season will begin in 10 days time. First race, Bahrain GP. I'm not gonna miss it! The guys to watch for : Of course my Seb. Vettel aka Lil Schumi (RBR). Mark Webber (RBR). Felipe Massa (Ferrari). Lewis Hamilton (McLaren). And last but not least, the seven time world champion, Michael Schumacher (Mercedes)! Seriously, I dislike Alonso so much. Hope he'll change this year. Lolz. :)

   I hope I'll get the chance to catch them live in Sepang GP. The problem is, my dad will never allow me to watch it. I'll find a way. Hehex. :D

Yawning is COOL!

Researchers around the world are studying the human brain to find out what makes it tick. One interesting finding from the University at Albany found that the simple act of yawning helps the brain. Researchers Andrew C. Gallup and Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., say our brains burn up to 33 percent of the calories we consume – and generate heat. Yawning cools brain cells, thus making them more efficient. The research­ers also found that yawning increases blood flow and helps maintain optimum levels of functioning. And they suggest we’re biologically hard-wired to yawn to stay alert and protect ourselves from danger.

SPM release date !?

It's really confusing me! I heard a lot of prediction on the dates. 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th. Lolz. Why couldn't the ministry just announce the date now! Arghh. It's making me nervous. Every single day, I think and think and think about how the outcome will be. Tawakal to Allah. Hope my results won't be bad as I dreamed about it in S'pore. Insya-Allah. The sooner the results is being released, the better. At least I get to ease the burden of thinking too much in my head! Lolz. :D