Monday, 9 March 2015

Challenging Month

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Challenges in life affects each and everyone of us. And I am not an exclusion of the everyday-life-process.

To start off. There seem to be an accumulation and additions to the challenges I face lately, in these few of months. Particularly, financial and time-wise challenges.

Financial Instability
As most of my close friends know, I bought myself a decent secondhand car, after taking into consideration about all the future responsibilities that I have to hold on to for some period of time with this small liability. This is my 5th month of possession of a big asset as a student, and so far I have experienced both good and bad with my lovely wee car. The major aspect of it is the amount of insurance burden I have to pay and the monthly fuel, which won't feel much if I don't do long distances. And thank God this car is fuel efficient!

This month of March is officially financial crisis month for me. Why? Erm. Because I am on my GP placement these 2 weeks, which is in Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, an hour 35 minutes away driving from Galway. In between them, I have an orchestral performance in Rome, Italy in 4 days' time, and this requires me to commute to and fro Galway-Roscommon daily this week, as I have final orchestral practices to attend. Can you imagine driving up and down everyday for 3 hours with double jobs to do day and night? T-T

In addition to that tragic story, I have no rights to claim from MARA for my fuel AT ALL. Leaving me a big hole of expenses these 2 weeks alone. The reason? Having a car is a LUXURY? Which denies me my entitlement of claiming. As to those who commute by bus, there's unlimited amount of claims that could be made. And how about the energy and fuel you have to put in travelling by car? LUXURY?! Seemed not fair to me!

Time & Energy
I am not sure how am I gonna face the exhaustion of commuting, on top of the practices and performance in Rome later. Hopefully Allah will ease me and give me some boost in emotions too, for I will get really grumpy when I'm in my exhaustion state.

There are times when I have that flicker of regret at the back of my mind. Regrets of the big decision to buy a car, regrets of not changing my GP placement with someone else sooner and etc. But, come to think of it, I've been feeling fine throughout the year, despite minor challenges, and now I should really question myself, why can't I hold and bear a little bit more of these hurdles, as I know they are good for me in terms of making me a more responsible and mature person.

These are the moments that'll teach me how to manage my finances better and how to regain my creativeness in time planning too.

After all, everything will fall into place as He planned it to be and everything happens for a reason. :)

Please do pray for me this month and hopefully everything goes as planned or even better. I have faith that He will provide the best for us all. InshaaAllah. ;)

Love this to bits :D
P/S : Initially, I intent to post this rant on life as a long winding status on Facebook, but I guess it's too personal to be published to 1500+ friends(so called)? Lol.