Wednesday, 31 December 2014

4th Med - An extreme 'No Life' in Medicine

Assalamualaikum wbt.

After approximately 6 months of disappearing from the last post, here I am, still standing strong in Medicine. Yeay! (Thank God) And tomorrow is the last year of 2014 and the day after tomorrow is a brand NEW YEAR of 2015! Yeay again to that! LOL.

       So, Alhamdullilah, I've survived through semester 4.1 now. Had just moved back to Galway, settling pretty fine in the well known hot spot for students all over Ireland (for it's mad partying). The moment I drove away from Letterkenny, my heart sank a little deeper, but only God knows what awaits us next, isn't that right? :)

       Let's do some serious talking now. I will be sharing my overall clinical experiences again for the semester. Just in case someone somewhere needs some early preparations into fourth med next coming years. So here we go :

  • Firstly, the overview of the curriculum of the year. NUI Galway's 4th Med is divided into two semesters which has the exact mirror module in both the semesters. The only difference is that students who are away in peripheral hospitals will be back in Galway and the students who are in Galway will be away for the second semester. Plus, all the MCQs and case reports will be evaluated in the first semester, and all the OSCEs and written exams are in the second semester. To me, the first semester(now) is the scariest. A large portion of the total marks of the whole module are in this semester, that is why it's pretty scary.
  • We have 2 core modules which are Women & Child's Health (which includes Obs&Gynae and Paediatrics) and Primary Care & Mental Health (GP+ENT & Psychiatry). Clinical rotations are 4 weekly per department, with exception for 2 weeks of GP placement and 2 weeks of ENT clinics.
  • As we are all aware of the title given to this year of Med School (the TOUGHEST YEAR EVER), I can really verify the truth to that title, partially. Having said that, in all those tough moments, I had really enjoyed every little 'joy' with my colleagues. Being in smaller groups of people makes us learn about each other better. That's one of the reasons I will miss being in Donegal so badly. ;(
  • I personally loved all the rotations, but I now definitely know where I should and I shouldn't be trying my luck to specialize in, later in the future. This year is the "Year of Discoveries" I would say. Once you have been through all those 5 specialties, you'll eventually know the bigger picture of working as a doctor of Medicine and where you belong in those roles, at least a rough idea of it.
  • The rest of it is just as similar to the previous post on clinical tips in 3.2, with loads of extra hardwork on studying constantly(and pretty madly as exam approaches).
  • Just one piece of great advice in 4th Med - READ ALL THE CORE TEXTBOOKS RECOMMENDED FROM COVER TO COVER (if possible) ;P
Okay. That's it. I shall continue my long-procrastinated case studies now. And oh, there's not really much of a holiday for people like us anymore now. 2 weeks of winter holidays is like nothing at all, really. I'm longing for my summer to come quick! Till then, see ye in the next 6 months! Happy New Year! Looking ahead for a better year in 2015. InshaaAllah :)

The hike to Slieve League in South Donegal. Wishing to visit you again soon!
P/S : Will miss all the Donegal people too :D!!!