Sunday, 30 May 2010

I'll miss a lot of things living without a laptop.

I've missed American Idol already this week.
I've missed F1 Qualifying Race already.
I'll surely miss F1 race tonight.
I'll miss a lot of good shows on TV.
I'll have to skip news too.
I'll be outdated, without newspapers.
I'll miss my Fb.
I'll miss my family.
I'll my cute kittens and cats.
I'll miss my friends.
I'll miss everything!!!!!!!

Lolz! xP

Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS), a week of happy ending.

This is a summary of the MHS week, at UM. 23 May - 28 May 2010.

   The early few days, seemed so dull and boring, with us getting so much scolding and pressure from the PPs (Pembantu Pelajar, the seniors). As time went by, we were all happy and satisfied. Only in the end finally, we understood why they gave us this kind of treatment, it is for our own good. Thanks PPs! We love you!

   Overall, I would say, UM has the best Orientation week ever! Even though, we never had enough sleep even once this week, but, I'm sure, this is the best training for us, as we have to burn the midnight oil as soon as the lectures, tutorials, and practicals starts.

   Hope all of us could do our very best in achieving 4.0 flat in both Semesters! Insya-Allah. ;D

Lecture Time Table for the first 2 weeks. Good Luck. I'm in Hayat 1. :)

Sunday, 23 May 2010


It's already 2 o'clock in the morning, and I just got back home, just finished shopping. Hehex. :P Bought a lot of stuff. Have to wake up latest by 7am, to get ready to get going to UM. Hmm. I'll be missing home and friends a lot. Don't worry friends, if you all want to hang out on weekends, I am free, and the nearest shopping mall is Mid Valley! :D

   Good Luck, peeps! Don't ever give up, if you don't get what you have asked for, as "We don't always get what we want"! Allah is Al-Alim, He knows what's good and what's best for us. Let's pray He will light up our lives, with His Blessings. Insya-Allah. :D

P/S : Maybe I'll only be able to online on weekends, because this week is the Orientation Week, the "toughest" week for us, as rumours said, we will be bullied to the max! I'll try to endure it. Plus, I don't have a laptop. Perhaps, I could use the library's computer. Hehex. :D

Friday, 21 May 2010

Saddest Moment This Year. :'(

After an hour of delay, finally JPA is accessible. And it didn't end well for me. No happy ending. :'( So, it seems that I'm heading to UM this Sunday, and OMG! I haven't completed some of my things yet. It's a sad thing, but, I'm lucky enough to be offered for UM. So, I'm very grateful that I've been given a place in UM for Asasi. Maybe Allah has His plans for me. I redha. Alhamdulillah. Thank you, Allah. :)

   I'm going to crash into UM swimming pool next week, that's for sure! Hehehex. xP! Congratulations to all whom got JPA or MARA scholarship. Good Luck in your future! Be sure to really work hard for it. :DDD

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Most Nerve-Wreaking Moments, Tomorrow!

So, finally, JPA gave us the confirm date of the PILN results, 21st May 2010. Sometime around the afternoon/evening. The guy whom picked up my call, wasn't really sure what time it will be released. And there will not be any notice on eSilav2 today, no peringatan, no nothing. We have to check it tomorrow onwards. I think it will most probably be out after 12pm or later. Because, last year, they could only access the page at 5pm or 11pm. So, late, huh?!

   Wish all my pals and other JPA applicants, GOOD LUCK! Insya-Allah. Amin. Let's pray hard we'll get it. :)

P/S : I did not do any single work I was suppose to do, today. My bro told me to wait until tomorrow and see whether I'll get JPA or not. The stuff have to be submitted on Monday, on the Haluansiswa week. I'm sure, UM will understand the delay. Hehex. :D

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The following things have to be completed by this Saturday :

- Passport size photos. (Done!)
- A bunch of colouful forms from UM. (Done!)
- Bantuan Asasi Forms, Perjanjian and stuffs. (Done!)
- Certification of certificates, IC, and bla, bla, bla. (Tomorrow)
- Signature of witness for Bantuan. (Tomorrow)
- Open an account in Bank Islam. (Tomorrow)
- Yuran Haluansiswa - Bank in through internet later. (Saturday)
- Killing of setem hasil at LHDN. Lolz. (Tomorrow)
- Medical Checkup. (I'll do it later. Maybe after the registration or on Saturday!)
- And the most important thing - SHOPPING! (Saturday)

   I have a lot of things to settle by tomorrow. Argh! My parents aren't really helping me out. They are super-confident about my JPA application results. Insya-Allah. Hoping and praying to get it. =D But, at least I have to settle these few things first, as it is a confirmed thing. It's better preparing for UM, rather than waiting and doing nothing at all, for the uncertain result to be.

   Actually, after being granted a chance to study in UM, I'm very very grateful, Alhamdulillah. If, if I am being offered for PILN, Insya-Allah, it's a bit sad to have to turn down the offer, and not enter UM, because it's the best university in Malaysia, no doubt. :D Anyway, Allah the Almighty knows what's best for us. Let Allah decide for our life. Insya-Allah, we could live our life to the fullest with HIS guidance. :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

F1 Monaco GP.

RedBull Racing has done it again. Another 1-2 finish of the season. Unfortunately, Mark Webber stole the spotlight twice from Seb! Maybe he has got a better luck this time around. I hope Seb's luck will change to a better one. Hee.

   Not much drama yesterday. Surprisingly, Lewis didn't created any excitement in this circuit, as he usually does. Safety Car were deployed 4 times, Jenson Button had smoke coming out from his car on lap 3, Karun Chandhok and Jarno Trulli crashed right infront of Mark Webber (Lolz.), and the last two/three final laps were leaded by Safety Car. Schumi was penalized for overtaking Alonso during SC was deployed, so he was downgraded from 6th to 12th, sad to hear that. Mark leaded Seb, Kubica, Massa, Lewis, Alonso, Nico, and so on.

   What excited me the most was, the fact that, two Virgin Racing drivers and Lotus GP fought to not let Alonso through them. Indeed, Alonso was pissed off! He was signaling them with his hand during the race, asking them to move aside, and let him go through! Maybe he thinks, they aren't good enough and their cars are not on par with Ferrari? But, finally he did overtook them. He is one of the drivers I dislike, because he is one impatient, overconfident, rude, and wants to be number one in everything. Duhhh. Snobbish ass. And the fact that he always argues with his teammates, Lewis back then, and now with Massa. He thinks he is so great in driving, huh?

   Next race, Istanbul, Turkey. 28-30 May. Wish Seb and RBR, All the best! Grab the pole position Seb, don't let Mark take your place as this year's World Champion! ;D

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Nothing to write on. Hmm. Sadly, I've run out of ideas. Lolz. :-/

   Let's see, what do I have in mind right now. Hmmph. Searching... Searching... Searching... AHA! Lets talk about my cats and kittens, shall we?

   Currently, my house is a home to 4 kittens, 1 semi-adult cat, and an adult cat. Not to forget, a new member of the cat family, a baby cat, which was adopted a few weeks ago by mum and dad, as it was meowing in front of our gate. Hehex. :D

   I cannot handle them alone, need my mum. Whenever my parents are outstation, I'm so so so DEAD! Because, I have to feed them, take care of them, clean up the mess and trouble they had created and so on. No mum, no peace at home. This is a very true statement! Try it, if you don't believe me. Let your mum go for a holiday for a month, and see, how good can you handle the house with a bunch of naughty cats. Lolz.

   If you want to view pictures of them, kindly go to my fb and scroll through my albums. If you aren't on my friends' list, add me up. Hehex. :D

P/S : By the way, I did wrote a post on my cats, previously. Kindly view my previous posts to search for it, yea. Hehe. :D

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I'm still stuck at HOME! :O

More than half of my friends have already started their college life. I'm still stuck at home, playing the comp all day long, stalking on JPA's site. Lolz.

   Am I going to end up in UM, after all? Haiz. 23rd is 2 weeks away. That is the day I'll enroll myself in UM. Heard the orientation week will be HELL of a tough one. Hopes I'll not get any bullying from the seniors there. Hahax. Hope so. :X

   I haven't actually completed my UM forms, medical checkups, X-rays (almost every year I did this! Too much radiation in me already!) , new passport sized pictures, and preparations to enter a University, mentally and physically. Lolz.

   Anyway, to those going to PASUM, this 23rd, here's a schedule for us. Classes, Exams, and Holidays. (Got it from Fb.)

   Summary, 1 week of Orientation, 34 weeks of Classes, 5 weeks of Exams, 6 weeks of Holidays, and in total, 1 year to complete this programme. ;D Good Luck!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!


Thank you for being there for us.
Thank you for everything you have done for us, all this while.
Through those hard times,
You were always here,
Right beside us,
Supporting and giving us your best advice,
Tolerating our stupid and foolish behaviours,
Taking care of us,
A bunch of monkeys in the house. (Lolx. XD!)

No other mum could possibly replace your role in my Life.
I promise, I'll take care of you, same as how you took care of us. :)))


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What do you think?

I strongly think that there is a need for the government to revamp the way students are selected into IPTA and local matriculation programme. :D

   I believe, 100% meritocracy system should be implemented to assure the fairness to the people of Malaysia. Perhaps an exception could be given to a few universities, such as, UiTM, UIA, and USIM. But, other universities, they should consider opening their doors to non-bumis too. The students have worked hard in achieving excellent results in SPM. As you could see now, Asasi programmes, most of them are exclusively for bumis only. Why do this? To protect the superiority of the Bumiputras? How can 1Malaysia work, if this still goes on?

   We want Malaysia's education system to be one of the tops in the world. So, opening more doors for non-bumis are one of the ways to make Malaysia an excellent education hub in Asia or maybe the World. Competitions will be stronger, and students will work harder to achieve their dreams and excel in exams. This way, our nation's economics will eventually rise, as more investors will invests in our country, especially in education. Everyone have a right to receive the best education the could possibly get. Not all non-bumis are rich and not all the bumis are poor, either. So, be considerate about the rakyat. :D

   Let's be open minded. I am a Bumiputra. But, I am Chinese Educated since primary school. So, that is why I understand how they, the non-bumis, feel. I'm not saying the bumis should not receive the superiority, as we are the original people of Malaya, they deserve the special rights, yea! But we should practise values of equalities, like what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did in Makkah, to the non-Arabs, and non-muslims.  Insya-Allah. I wish we Malaysians could live in a harmony and peaceful environment. Peace, no war, no arguments, no fighting! :D

1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now.

P/S : I am just a student, portraying my opinions. If you do not agree with my ideas, then, its fine. I don't mind. I'm just suggesting a way to improve our country's performance, that's all. Don't sue me! Hahax. XD!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My boring days. :/

JPA, JPA, JPA! When are you gonna give us the results? I'm tired of waiting. Bored. I hope they will inform us soon. Maybe, immediately tomorrow? Lolz. I'm nervous. :s

   I'm super-bored! I have nothing else to do, except for the routine thing I do everyday : Sleep late, Wake up late, Log in into my Fb, Read some updates at, Read my unfinished novels, Surf the net, Watch some craps on YouTube, Play with my cute and naughty cats ^^, Chat with a friend, Watch my daily TV series, and Sleep late again. Lolz. I have no LIFE! Pathetic! =.='''

Monday, 3 May 2010

Black Keys.

She walks away
Colors fade to gray
Every precious moment's now a waste
She hits the gas hoping it would pass
The red lights starts to flash
It's time to wait

The black keys never looked so beautiful
And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull
And the lights out never had this bright a glow
And the black keys
Showing me a world I never knew, no
A world I never knew

She hates the sun cause it proves she's not alone
And the world doesn't revolve around her soul
She loves the sky cause it validates her pride
Never lets them know when she is wrong

The black keys never looked so beautiful
And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull
And the lights out never had this bright a glow
And the black keys
Showing me a world I never knew, no
And the walls are closing in

Don't let them get inside of your head
Don't let them get inside of your head
Don't let them get inside of your head
Don't let them inside

Cause the black keys never looked so beautiful
And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull
And the lights out never had this bright a glow
And the black keys
Showing me a world I never knew
Don't let them get (Don't let them get)
Inside of your head (No)
Don't let them get inside of your head
Don't let them get (Don't let them get)
Inside of your head
Don't let them get (No)
Inside of your head
Sometimes a fight is better black and white

P/S: I love this song, forever! Feel the song and understand the lyrics, then you'll get what I meant. One of the best song ever by JB! ;)

Choices in Life.

Now that I've got accepted into PASUM for Asasi Sains Hayat (Foundation in Science, Life Science), I'd go for it and turn down Matrikulasi (KMPk).
   Rumours state that JPA PILN's results will be revealed around this week or 3rd week of May, which is next week. Hope it will be out by this week, so that I can decide, whether I should prepare the things for UM, as the registration day is on the 23rd of May, or no. I'm so nervous! +.+ Insya-Allah, hope I could get it! :D

   Hope I get to go to countries like Australia, or Czech Republic. No Poland, please! ;p I want it so badly! :D

Origami! :D

I had nothing to do, so I did a couple of origami, paper folding. :D

It's a bear cub, actually. But, my sis said it looked like a "Gay Cat, wearing a dress". XD!

A flower-like small box. :D

 Hee. =D

Saturday, 1 May 2010

UPU Update.

I've finally got through the jammed site. Yay! Guess what I've got? Alhamdulillah. Finally, my dream come true moments. I've got a place into UM, Asasi Sains Hayat! :D As we all know, UM is the top local university in the country. I'm honored to be given a place in UM. Alhamdulillah! :D