Saturday, 24 September 2011

Time Flies! =O

Assalamualaikum everyone. :D

It has past midnight right now in Galway, and I'm still wide awake. For the past 2 weeks here in Galway, my eyes couldn't bare up to even 11pm. So yeah, tonight is an exceptional case. Most probably because it's Friday night, no classes on weekends, a big YEAY for that! Hee. Alhamdulillah, finally a REST for the week! :D

   After going through another hectic start of the week, it pretty much enhanced some of my soft skills with people and I'm fitting in quite well among my classmates, not only the Malaysians, also the Europeans and students of all around the globe, i.e. US, Canada, Philippines, and etc. Generally speaking, things around me, the pieces of puzzle are fitting in one by one, step by step each and everyday. Insya-Allah, looking forward to better days ahead.

   Up to date, the MCQ quizzes are going to start next week, and the laboratory practicals had started for the past week. Can't really imagine when the time comes for us to start with the cadaver dissection sessions. I hope I will be strong enough and mentally prepared to face the cadaver. =S

   That's it for now, I have lots to revise on for each subject. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Professionalism 1.1. Pfffttt. Each individual subject is a big challenge, what more could it be for the total 5 of them? Gosh. I hope my time management will work it way throughout this whole course. Insya-Allah. :)

   May Allah bless this journey of ours in being better persons upon life. May He always grant our doa and may He always give us strength, with an addition of enough taqwa to be better muslims, to remind ourselves always of our roots and religion, what more in a foreign country like this. Insya-Allah. Amin. :)

P/S : I do not feel much of the homesickness with my friends being here as my support system. Alhamdulillah. I'm grateful of being in a such fortunate community of great individuals. Insya-Allah, hope this will build me some inner confidence and give me enough strength to perform in my studies and life, for the sake of Allah in being a better doctor. AMIN AMIN AMIN, Ya Rabbal alamin. =)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Be Grateful. :)


Alhamdulillah. It has been almost 5 days since I arrived here in Galway, Ireland. Autumn in Galway and the past few days were very windy, cloudy and cold. Constantly it was 15 degrees and below. And Alhamdulillah, today the weather was getting better as the Sunshine is shining, but still, its cold. =S

   Started my classes for the second day today. You won't believe it, if I were to say my class is in a capacity of 240+ students. Drastic expansion of the size of medical student in Galway. Most probably because of the money crisis they are facing right now. Hehehe. =X

   So far, so good. Insya-Allah. Trying my very best to fit in the weather and to mingle around as much as possible. Classmates from all over the world, an eye-opener for me. :)

   Honestly, my seniors are the coolest people on earth! Despite of the scarce free time they had, they tried to guide us around and provide many many many great tips for survival. Thank you guys! I love you all. Only God could repay all your good deeds! Amin. :DDD

   I'm getting homesick already. To get halal food here is a hard thing for sure. Now I'm really appreciating Malaysia very very very much! ='( It seems like I'm gonna lose a lot of weight these 3 years. Walking to and fro the university everday, plus with the difficulty of getting halal meat, I'm gonna be a temporary vegetarian here.(Hope not so)

   That's it for now, it's 10pm right now in Galway, Ireland. And it's approximately 5am there in KL. I miss my family, my crazy sisters, my cats and my friends. Insya-Allah. I will you all soon. Do skype with me when you see me on skype yeah? =')

Friday, 9 September 2011

Every Breath ♥

It sounds like this is nothing new and that it hasn't been for awhile
You wake up on the other side and you strain to force a smile
The fairytale inside your head has become your new best friend
But I can assure you, that I'll be there before the story ends

'Cause when I needed a place to hang my heart
You were there to wear it from the start
And with every breath of me, you'll be the only light I see

I'm racing the finish line of a lifetime thats barely started
The piece of mind I left behind, I pray you keep in your perfect garden
You're waiting on a minute hand in a countdown that lasts for days
But I'm here to tell you, it won't be long before I'm here to stay

'Cause when I needed a place to hang my heart
You were there to wear it from the start
And with every breath of me, you'll be the only light I see

The weightlessness and the lack of rest
away from you, im in over my head
Even when it's dark before the dawn
I will feel your grace and carry on
And with every breath of me, you'll be the only light I see

When I needed a place to hang my heart
You were there to wear it from the start
And with every breath of me, you'll be the only light I see

Even when it's dark before the dawn
I will feel your grace and carry on
And with every breath of me, you'll be the only light I see
The only light I see

With every breath I make

P/S : To you, you, you, you, you, you, and every person I care about. May Allah give me strength in these last few days. Holding back my tears as hard as I could. ='(

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Meow Meow. :D

Assalam peeps! :D

I'm still in Kuching, Sarawak. The fourth fifth day, and the last night here. Hee. Did a little tour around the area, that's about it. Too tired and too busy to tour about further into Sarawak. Hehe. Perhaps next time, Insya-Allah. :)

   Heading home to KL tomorrow morning (practically it's today. Duhhh.). My lovely Firefly apparently delayed my flight to 1025, owh never mind, at least I was informed about the delay 2 days earlier.

   Anyway, done with my brother's wedding reception and all. Now, I have a new official member in the family! TeeHee. Welcome Kak Intan! :D Congrats to my eldest bro of the super grand marriage and I hope the reception in KL will be superb too, Insya-Allah. I hope I will get the chance to view, at least pictures of the October reception. Kinda sad that I won't have the chance to help my bro organize the KL reception. ='( Insya-Allah, it will all go well with my crazy-minded sisters around. Hahaha. :P

   As soon as I get back to Ampang, I would have to start to pack my stuffs already. Goshhh. I just hate packing. 4 more days. I will make sure these remaining days will be filled with great moments and memorable laughters, with God's willing. Insya-Allah. ;)

P/S : To friends, good luck in your Degree intake. Lets work harder in this tertiary level of education. One more, pleaseeeee don't send me at the airport, I'm pretty sure I will not have the time to talk and hang out with you guys, and I'm definitely sure I will breakdown with tears flowing like a WATERFALL over there. I don't wish for you to see me crying. ='(