Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Islamic Etiquette.

Assalamualaikum again for the second time this morning. Heee. :D

In this post, I would like to share a little bit on Islamic Etiquette, which I stumbled upon a few days ago on this website called "My First Steps in Islam". Here's the link to Islamic Etiquette. It's very interesting to get to know the little things that we should and shouldn't do in the everyday life. :)

   So, I decided to share on a few of those over here. Don't hesitate to add on if you know some other important points. ;D

  1. Say Bismillah (in the name of Allah) before eating/drinking, and say Alhamdulillah (thank you Allah) upon it. Eat with your right hand, and eat what's in front of you. Islam emphasizes on modesty, thus eat modestly.\
  2. Never criticize on food. Be grateful of what you have. If you don't like it, leave it intact, let other people have it instead. You may be the lucky ones with food, imagine how many more in other parts of the world whom are on food starvation. And, remember to not waste on food! Don't take what you can't finish.
    "Indeed, the wasteful are brothers of the devils, and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful." Al-Isra : 27 
  3. Supress yawning. Either by covering the mouth with your right palm or the back of your left palm or make a fist out of your left palm. Remember to not make sounds out of the yawn as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) quoted : “Yawning is from the Shaytaan. When one of you feels like yawning, let him suppress it as much as he can. And if one of you yawns making sound, “Aahh!” Shaytaan laughs.” (Bukhari #3115)
  4. Say Alhamdulillah upon sneezing. The Prophet (pbuh) said : “When one of you sneezes, let him say, ‘Alhamdulillaah,’ his brother or companion should say to him, ‘Yarhamuk-Allahu,’ and the one who sneezed should say, ‘Yahdeekumullaah wa yuslihu baalakum.’ ” (Bukhari #5870)
  5. Do not burp out loud in public. It is seen as non-ethical. Everyone knows burping out loud is not the nicest thing to be heard/seen right? So, I need not elaborate on this. :)
  6. Upon sleeping, make du'a to Allah : Doa Tidur. Sleep laying to your right side, and if possible, face the kiblah sleeping. بِاسْمِكَ اللّهُمَّ أَحْيَاوَأَمُوتُ : Bismikallahumma ahya wa amutu [With Your name I live and I die]. Upon waking up, say : اَلْحَمْدُ ِللهِ الَّذِى أَحْيَانَا بَعْدَمَا أَمَاتَنَا وَإِلَيْهِ النُّشُورُ : Alhamdulillahil ladzi ahyana ba’da ma amatana wailaihin nusyur [All praise is due to Allah, Who gives us live after He has caused us to die and to Him will be the resurrection].
  7. Upon leaving your home, say ‘Bismillaahi, tawakkaltu ‘ala Allahi, laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah.’ This is further elaborated in my previous post Tawakkal. And it does not only apply to leaving homes, it do apply upon our daily life too. Tawakkal is the act upon someone or something to place faith and confidence, and it directly refers to Allah. After having to do your best in something, you leave it to Allah to decide what's the best outcome of it. Insya-Allah, He knows best. And my dad always practice the habit of versing Ayatul Kursi (1:255) every time leaving home. Insya-Allah, May Allah protect us. =)

P/S : Really hope this helps. Hee. Insya-Allah. Lets share what we know! ;D

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