Friday, 16 December 2011

Off for a "Long" winter holiday! Hee. :D

Hey peeps! :D

First thing first, I just had an awesome day! Went for a jog early in the morning and Ice-Skating later in the evening at Carlton Hotel, Galway! Hee. Haven't really skate for quite sometime now. Lost a bit of those special balancing skills on ice. *fell twice right down the knees! LOL* Anyway, glad to have an ice rink over here in Galway. :DDD (I loved it when they played "Fireworks" by Katy Perry. My favourite song aka Booster of all times! Heee. )

   So, I'm off tomorrow night to Dublin-Bristol. Bristol-Southampton-Portsmouth-London-Manchester-Dublin-Belfast(PUISI). Long list huh? I'm just a follower, didn't even helped the seniors with anything really. Hehe. Excited to have my first winter holiday without my family. Insya-Allah, hope everything goes well as planned. Amin! May the journey throughout UK and Northern Ireland be smooth. :)

P/S : I'll try my best to update my blog with pictures to share. Insya-Allah. :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Semester 1? Over! Hee. :)

Insya-Allah it will be over for me, for my friends. Hope no one will face any failures. :)
(Please God. I don't want to see those Biochem and Pharmacology come creeping on me again. LOL!)

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. :)

   So, 1.1 is over and here comes holiday. Yeay, my first winter holiday ever abroad! Alhamdulillah. (Oh wait! I once went to Perth, Australia during winter.) *Memory lost* Anyway, I hope this holiday would be the most memorable event so far for me. UK Winter Trip! Hee. Insya-Allah. :D

   Talking about winter. Hmm. I wonder when will the snow really fall on Galway? So far there's only hail and this evening, it snows "partially". Really wants it to snow. Despite of the degree of coldness. Hee. ^-^ Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope it snows here in Galway. If not, no big deal. I could play snowball fights at Belfast anyway. Haha. :P

   Aftermath of exams? Hmm. Let me see. Null! Glad its over. Never gonna face those "times" again, hoping so. Lets make du'a, whenever and wherever we are. Remember to not forget Allah in times of happiness. FYI, happiness, wealth and health is a challenge too! You need Allah's blessings always, both in hardships and happy times. Remember! :D

   Okay. That's it for now. Lets get going for baking and movie marathons AND winter trip! Hehehe. :DDD

Salthill  - 8 Dec 2011


P/S : Stress is good, in a way that it pushes us out of our comfort zone, resulting in HARD WORK! May Allah permit those hard work into success. Insya-Allah. :)

Friday, 9 December 2011


Not a pro in doing video editing or stuffs. Did this just for self-satisfaction. Hihi. :D


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Midst of the Exam Week. =)

Assalam. Hey readers, how ye doin? LOL. (Stop doing that, you don't sound Irish okay?!) Pfffttt. =.='

Never lose hope of Allah and yourself. :D
Yeah, as the tittle says so, I'm in the midst of the EXAM week. Exam, yeah, EXAM. End of Semester EXAM! I don't actually need to emphasize more on the "exam" word should I? The amount of pressure could demonstrate better impacts. Trolololo. =S

   The exam week had actually kicked off last Friday, yesterday (Monday) the Anatomy Spot test and today was the Physiology MCQ. =.=' Oh, I shall not discuss about the frustrations on the Immunology questions. Let it be what it wants to be. Let Allah decide what happens next. Insya-Allah, I believe I've worked my best. I put my faith in Allah. ;)
Bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallah, wala haula wala quwwata illa billah : 
In the name of Allah, there is no strength nor power except with Allah. =)
   Next up is the Leisureland bound Anatomy MCQ! Yeay. I'm expressing a YEAY for Leisureland, not Anatomy MCQ. FYI, Leisureland have a mini golf park, swimming pool and a whole lotta other fun things! Never been into the building, but I've managed to check it out once, when I went for a run at Salthill. It looks awesome and one of the seniors told me it is actually AWESOME! Hihi. Hope so. :DDD

My baby in Galway. Meet Ger (Gerina). Its a she! <3
   Nothing much happened these past weeks. Been busy with revisions for the exams and stuff. The weather is getting colder as we approach winter. It rained ICE twice last week. And its an ouchy-feely when you try jogging in Ice-Rain! LOL. +.+

   And oh, here's a good article on Life (Hidup itu Perjalanan, bukan destinasi). A quote really did catch my eyes straight down my heart :
Umat Islam akan diuji dengan lima perkara iaitu saudara seagama yang sentiasa dengki terhadapnya, orang munafiq yang sentiasa membencinya, orang kafir yang sentiasa memeranginya, syaitan yang sentiasa berusaha menyesatkannya dan bisikan hawa nafsu yang sentiasa menggoncang keimanannya. Semuanya ini menuntut kesabaran dan di dalamnya terdapat ganjaran pahala yang besar daripada Allah SWT.

P/S : Google translate it if you can't read Malay. Heee. Today is Ashura day! May Allah bless today, tomorrow and the coming days. Good luck in your exams Galwegians! ;D