Friday, 11 September 2009

Looking Forward For The Third Week!

Today, the second week of trial SPM is over! I'm really looking forward to do Chemistry and Physics papers, because both are my favourite subject! Hehex...@.@! Not forgetting about my superduper Economics ^.^! Sejarah papers were not really hard and not easy too....It's okay for me...Hmm, let's see whether I can really score in Physics and Chemistry next week...

I'm actually damn tired now...But, I still want to continue writing my blog for today, because maybe I won't be able to write a post next week...Haiz...Tuitions are making me becoming RESTLESS! I really think that I've lost much weight this month, as I've fast and did my solat tarawih everyday! All I've done is only done for Allah and to seek for Allah's blessing...Allahu Akhbar, Allah The Almighty!

Anyway, today there's Formula 1 GP on...So, I'm really eager to watch it! Wish Vettel and Webber luck! <3 F1!

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