Saturday, 8 October 2011

10 Thousands miles away.


Masya-Allah. We are already in the month of October! My fourth week here and yet I feel I've been here for almost year. Pretty much covered the maps of Galway and trying to reach out to places in Ireland. Insya-Allah. =)

   Up to this point, I've realized things are always to be shared. No matter what, when and how. Working alone, going solo all the time, will get you nowhere, for real. Why did I said so? Perhaps being in my shoes would provide you a better understanding. On occasions, I feel tremendously terrible of myself. Of things. Fortunately, Allah always sends me someone to help me get through those terrible days. Alhamdulillah. Allah never send you tests or musibah that you couldn't afford to handle. He knows whats best for you. And every incident, every action and every second of everything have its hikmah. Subhanallah. =')

   Today's conclusion? Share whatever goods you have in you. Giving is far better than receiving. But, things work in a bilateral way, so give and take with people, and may Allah bless you for sharing. :)

P/S : I've gain so much so far here. May Allah give us hidayah to change for the better and do good to others. Insya-Allah. Amin! =')


Fazdlin Rahim said...

:) this post makes me smile.
happy to hear that aisya. :) :)

yup : giving is far better than receiving. coz u know, what we gives, we'll get back..

have u ever go thru saifulislam blog?? here u go

have a read on the posts.

Icey 'Aisha said...

Hihi. :D
Yeah. I've actually ran through it last year. Insya-Allah i will go through it again now. :D