Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt. :)

How is school/college/work going on for you? Hope everything gets better day by day. InsyaAllah. ;)

       Had been wanting to write on many things, but ideas just won't come, and due to time constraint, itsy bitsy of life couldn't be shared here. =/

A creation of obedience. :')

       Just so you know, the juniors are already here in Galway and Cork, safe and sound! 2nd Med lectures have started for almost 4 weeks up to date. May Allah ease this journey till the end of life. Amiin. Medicine isn't the hard thing to endure, it's life that is hard to go through, without His help.

       Done with Galway Excursion (GE), now life focuses on ourselves. Sometimes, being there for people but not being there for yourself is a bad thing to do! Am learning to balance between everything. InsyaAllah, each hole you fall in, will teach you how to be stronger, more masculine, to climb back out of the deep pit. He will provide, remember? :)

       That's it for today. Need to maximise my time of the day, for productiveness! And oh, let me introduce you to my new boyfriend : Sebbie The Nikon. :P

P/S : May this redundant entry of myself benefit you somehow, somewhere. Please make du'a for me, that I'd be strong enough to endure everything that is around me. Jazakallahu khayr. :')

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