Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for is here!

SPM is over, guys! It started quite well for me, and it ended as I had expected it would... One day before SPM started, 5 little cute baby kittens were born! @.@ My dad said this will bring good luck for my SPM. I thought so too... Hehex XP!

So what's next after SPM? I'm thinking of taking up a part-time job somewhere around KLCC or maybe Great Eastern, because it's easier for me to get there, one bus straight to my work place, that's it! But, the problem is, I don't know what job to apply for. I was thinking of applying for an office admin job or maybe some job that benefits me the most, like a clinical assistant... I need both the experience and the money! I wanna buy lots and lots of things that I've been holding back of buying, because of SPM! Now is the right time for me to enjoy all the money I've saved for since Form 1!

I am keen of furthering my studies in the field of engineering... I hope someday I could stand next to F1 stars like Seb and Lewis, fixing their F1 cars! Insya-Allah this dream could be mine to hold! But wait, my dad really wants me to be a medical doctor or at least a dental surgeon... How could I crush his high hopes for me?? See, now I'm totally confused! What I'll do is, wait for a scholarship, and when offers come, I'll do Tahajud prayers, and then I'll decide from there on...

For the time being, I'll enjoy to the max, because I ain't going to go through any textbook for this meantime...Let's hang out pals! Let's go for movies and shopping! @.@!

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