Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Worst Saturday!

Aha! 19 December 2009 was the worst Saturday to me, so far! I've had worst birthday ever, last year, and now, The Worst Sat! Wanna know what happened? Let's hear my story on the worst day....

   First, me and my elder sister wanted to go to Mid Valley for the education fair. We took the bus from the house to KLCC. Thinking that the bus, going to Mid Valley will arrive shortly after we went down the first bus, we waited for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. My sister had lost her patience, so she stopped one of the buses and ask whether there's a bus heading to Mid Valley. I was surprised to hear that RapidKL had terminate the service from KLCC to Mid Valley. We were frustrated and WET!( It was raining heavily that time). So, we decided to end our frustration and take Putra to KL Sentral, then interchange onto the KTM train.
   God knows, at the KTM, there were millions of people, mainly foreigners! This was the first time I boarded onto a KTM since 10 years ago. So, I was surprised to see so many people waiting for the train to arrive in another 30 minutes time. When the train arrived, people were rushing into it, as usual. The worst part is, they are so inconsiderate! They won't want to move in, even a little bit in, because they wanted to stay near the door? That thinking is so not practical! Thank God the train masters were there to shout at them, if not I would have to wait for another 30 minutes. I wouldn't want to board KTM train ever again!
   We had finally arrived. We had fun at the exhibition, yea. I've got alot of infos from the engineering side. But, currently still thinking about it. Let's hear the story after the exhibition...
   We were walking towards the ticket counter. Guess what we saw? Long waiting queues of people~~~! Aha! There goes another disaster. What my sis did was. She went to the machine and try to buy 2 tickets. It turn out that the machine doesn't work well, so she managed to get one ticket and she asked me to try using cents. After a while of queuing up, I managed to get a ticket for myself, yeay! We walked downstairs to wait for train and..... Millions of people are waiting for the KTM! We didn't want to wait for the KTM again, so we decided to go out and take the bus instead. So what if we bought the ticket already! I plan to keep it anyway, as a souvenir. XD!  Once we were walking towards the bus stop, there was the bus! See, the bus is always faster than the trains!

The moral of the story. Don't ever board a KTM train and always be sure to ask bus drivers about the buses of the destination you are heading to. The government should always monitor the public transport, as it is important for the nation and its people! I think my dad should be the transportation minister, because he could most definitely manage a transportation department! I have faith in my dad! I give the nation an assurance of my dad's capability! (Proud of the skills that God had given to my dad!)

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