Thursday, 24 November 2011


Assalam. Owh hey peeps! :D

   Things don't always go your way. Your whims and fancies aren't always satisfied, never will be, forever. Today's your lucky day, but perhaps not tomorrow. Only God knows. All these abstract things in life could only be understood after having to go through that peak point in life. No pain, no gain. Thus, every second of that hardship is PRICELESS. The most valuable thing money can't buy. Allah knows best. =)

   After all, looking back and reflecting on what you have been through so far, says much on how far you've traveled through life and how much priceless experiences have you picked up. To me, there are lots more ahead, even more challenging ones. So, here's when the RISK factor comes in. Being a risk taker is something exciting, adrenaline pumping (sounds like my F1 tagline. Haha). Without risk taking, life is dull. Living in the world of the same old daily routine is lame and it'll surely bore you to death. So, come on friends, get to know new stuffs everyday, make new friends, talk to a stranger, do something out of the norm. Be adventurous once in awhile! :D

   Take advantage of what you have right in front of you and you shall not have regrets. Heee. :D

P/S : Be grateful and never forget to take your chances. Turn imaginations into reality! Insya-Allah may Allah give us barakah in our life. Amin! :)

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