Sunday, 3 June 2012

Earthly Realities


Been away from blogging for almost a month to date. Alhamdulillah, Thank Allah for still providing the strength and the heart to brainstorm-write. :)

       So, guess what? I'm home, I'm back in Ampang! :D

3 of 4 of FiFi's kittens. :3
Everything was so exciting at first, but as days passed by (I've only been home for a week) and everything seems to be just saddening. This Malaysian community gave me a "culture shock". It's not like I'm not used to be in such surroundings since I grew up, but it's such a shock to return from a non-muslim country (a non-comfort zone) to a muslim country "by name" (a total comfort zone). I don't think I should further elaborate on the term "by name", you should be clear if you've read and seen enough of your beloved country. Heh. No offense. :)

       Many would say, don't complain too much, stop whining and do your part instead. And my response would be, Complaint and be the change! Nothing is wrong with complaining, if you really want something to change. Complain and action, must come tagging along together. In this point of view, I see ideas coming from the youths as constructive criticisms. The world will be in the hands of the next generation, so lets make our du'a that we, the younger generations, could be the best among the best of the world leaders to guide the people of the nation to taste our beautiful Deen of Islam. Insya-Allah. :)

       Ireland was after all a dock, where we stop to refuel and do a muhasabah on ourselves before we depart back to our homeland, to bring in changes, and next to Yammul Mashyar, where we meet our Rabb. Do we not want to meet Him? I want to! ;)

J.Co! One of the first thing I wanted to have always in KL. ;D
       That's all for today. Insya-Allah will do a follow up post on my trip to Eastern Europe. ;)

P/S : Ya Rabb, give me strength. Let me hold on tight to this path. Do not let me stray, for You are the Almighty, the One. I pray for all of us. Allahu Akhbar! :)

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