Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ungrateful monster!


Today, I discovered the ungratefulness side of me. It's neither a bad thing nor it is good. =/

   I have always envied other people's complete life, but never did I see the "complete"ness of my life in an angle. Baba, mama, I'm so so so sorry. This is a norm of a teenager, always wanted what's perfect for their life, never wanted to give a perfect life to others. Dunya is so deceiving. Allahu. ;(

   Let's reflect upon our hearts. Do we often look too high and never looked down? Be grateful of what you have in life, there are millions of others who doesn't have what you have. ie Palestin, Syria and etc. But this doesn't mean you should not carry out improvements! A reflection of a mirror is all we need. Insya-Allah, may He guide us through this witty place called the dunya. Towards Jannah! Amiin. :)

I missed this place pretty much! :')

P/S : Allah never burdens a person out of his abilities. He is the Almighty, the All Knowing. Allahu 'alam. :)

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