Saturday, 18 June 2016

Blessings happen in God's best timing

Assalamualaikum wbt.

7 years ago, I was clueless of what path of study to pursue into. I applied for a couple of scholarships right after the SPM results were out. Petronas left me thrilled when I was offer to attend their selection camp. But dad thought Mechanical Engineering wasn't the best fit for me. So next when JPA turned me down, a few months of foundation in PASUM blessed me with some great friendship that seem to last for life (InshaaAllah). MARA then offered me an AUCMS twinning programme in Medicine.

A year later on completion of my Pre-Medical studies, I was disappointed twice by the entrance interviews. So, I went ahead for an interview for MD UKM. It both flattered and saddened me when the Professors said, "we don't understand why you did not get through the entrance interview to Ireland, you are good enough to qualify for a spot to be fair ".(paraphrased) Eventually, I found out, my name was mistakenly confused on the list of interviewees that had passed.

Alhamdulillah, I did get to pursue my studies in Ireland regardless of those mini bumps. And today, after 5 years of mind opening, self-esteem polishing, and neuronal rewiring, here I am now, standing on the mythical grass of the Quad of NUI Galway, with a scroll that opens up a gate to a lifetime job as a medical practitioner and hopefully soon, a person that could bring little changes that the society needs. InshaaAllah. :)

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