Friday, 18 November 2016

Graduation to Housemanship (Malaysia) - Part 2

Assalamualaikum wbt.

As mentioned below (in my previous post), I will update once the next steps are in, and suprisingly, it was faster than usual waiting time. Thanks to the recent Bajet 2017 by our beloved PM (err).

So, received our SPA results as expected, mid November online. Waiting for it was agonising, it was only released at 5pm on 16th Nov officially. But, it's out anyways. The update was in SPA8i a day before the official results were out, and what it was just merely your No. simpanan amongst the 1315 applicants. The next day, the results could be checked on SPA's semakan keputusan temuduga.

This time around, the contract system is pioneered by this batch of Aug/Sept/Oct 2016 intake. We are as clueless as you are in this new system. Wished KKM/SPA are more transparent in delivering official statements and make us wait less, but ah it's the way the government bureaucracy is all these while. Redho jelah ye. :/

So, next week (22 Nov), the eHousemen2 will open and we are required to put in our choice of placement. Wish me luck in getting my desired spot! To Johor it is, Bangsa Johor to be! :P

The system is now changed, since we are employed by KKM instead of SPA now. So all issuance of employment is by KKM. The step of application is now a little different. We have to wait for eHO then print out the confirmed placement, only then bring it to MMC for the Sijil Pendaftaran Sementara. And as of KKM's BMD or some call is Senarai Semak (its the same thing for both), you can actually submit it using your previous Temporary MMC certificate and later just email them your new MMC sijil obtained. As far as I know, the BMD needs to be submitted before the PTM starts.

So, the PTM date is 5 December. Which is 2 weeks from now! I'm both excited and scared to imagine myself starting a new phase of life and finally taste the REAL MEDICAL DOCTOR life as dreamt. Whatever that comes, I shall embrace it military style, just swallow it like everybody else. Pleaseeeee pray that I'll go through these next 2 years with sabr and good intentions.

Till next time.
Dr. 'Aisha Ali

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