Thursday, 4 February 2010

Astro! Hot Guys! XP

I've finished my work at Astro exactly yesterday. Hmm. Guess who I've met these three days???

First day : Some Indian artists, whom I never heard of. Privina, my colleague friend told me, he was an artist. Lolz. And when we were on the way back to the office lift after lunch, we met a My FM DJ, Phoebe. Suet Yee were so crazy about her. Hahax. XD! As we were waiting for the bus/taxi to take us to the LRT station to head home, I think I saw Hafiz AF getting off his tour bus, heading back into Astro.

Second day: Hmm. We were too hard working on that day, to hit our targets. I don't remember meting any artists.

Third day: I've finally met some artist I really recognise! Gosh! As we were getting off the lift at the Ground Floor, for lunch, as the lift opens, OMG! I saw Adam C, one of the on air crew!!! Tall, fair and handsome! Aww, so cute! After lunch. Again it happened in the lift! I saw another crew, Ean, with his masculine body! HOTTT! And my friends told me after we had got out from the lift, that one of the guy standing beside them was the Astro singing competition's champion in 2005/2004. He was kinda handsome too. Lolz.

Anyway, what was the coolest thing to me is, my Boss is Hot! Hahax. Believe me. He is hot! Actually, whenever he explains things to us, we never really listened to him, instead, we only observed him! Lolz. I sound perverted! Hahax. I wanted to capture a pic with him, in fact, all of us wanted it too. But, sadly, he had to attend a meeting somewhere else! :( Nevermind, next time I'll call him for lunch! Hehex. :D

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