Monday, 1 February 2010

The first day of February!

January is over! A few more months to go, and Insya-Allah, I'll enter a university! Honestly, I can't wait to open the books again and study. Working is fun, but sometimes, doing the same thing over and over again makes me bored! Freaking bored. Okay, let's recap again what course I've been thinking of to take up on.
   First choice, Medicine. My dad told me to do med, but NOW, he thinks Dentistry suits me better. Lolz. He's making me confuse. Hmmm... Second choice? Engineering. Perhaps, I'll do Automotive Engineering, because I LOVE Formula 1 so much! Speaking of F1, I'm gonna follow each and every race this season! I MUST! Hehex. =D Last resort of course I'll pick is Economics, of course. These 3 courses are the only courses that interest me. Other than that, nah. But, wait! Which course should I apply to enable me to get a scholarship? This question gives me headache sometimes. For the meantime, I'll just leave it to my SPM results. If I get good results (Insya-Allah), I'll choose Med. If not, I'll try my luck in other courses. Hope to get one!
   So, let's pray for the results to be good!

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