Thursday, 11 February 2010


Three more days to go, and it's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. But, that's not the exact reason of me being excited! Lolz. I'm heading South, back to my hometown, Singapore, this Saturday! Yeay! Finally, after a few years of not going back there, I've decided to stay there a little bit longer, perhaps for a month? I'm gonna visit my long-time-haven't-met-best friend! She's waiting for me. Hehex. :D

   A month stay alone at Singapore City? Hmm, I wonder what can I do there? I've checked out some interesting places I can visit and do to benefit my free days. I'm planning to brush up on my English speaking and writing skills. So, I'll go to the community library often. Maybe, everyday. Also, I'm going to brush up on my stamina too. I'm planning of going swimming every week! I've just bought my new swimsuit yesterday. Lolz. Hehex. :P

   Hope my plan goes well, with Allah's wiling. Insya-Allah. I'm gonna make use of my holidays well and prepare myself for my future. :D

P/S: Happy Chinese Lunar New Year friends! (I don't celebrate Valentine's, sorry!)

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