Sunday, 5 September 2010

Can't wait to GO BACK! ;)

3 days to go.

   Miss home already. Hmmph. :( Going back on the 8th, again, midnight travelling. Hee. :D

   Right now, preparing for the bio small group discussion (SGD) thingy for tomorrow. I have no idea what and how is it going to be carried out by the Philippines lecturers. (Dr. Carlo is cute. :P!) Lolz. Only got to know about this discussion thing yesterday. What a short notice, huh? Had to find out about the 6 chromosomal mutations. Syndrome this and syndrome that. Duhhh. It's SYNDROM-ing me already. Haha.

   I want to go back! Haven't done any shopping yet for Raya. Again, as my family usually does every year, last minute shopping. It's fun though. You should try going to Jln. TAR on the night before Raya. Love the crowd and the excitement of the people there. And also, the cheap prices. Huhu. ;P

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