Thursday, 30 September 2010

Final Sem 1 Exam. In 2 weeks time. =S

These two weeks had been hectic for me. Lecture starts 8am, and finish very late in the evening everyday, making me exhausted. Gosh. Lecturers are chasing on finishing and covering the syllabus, as next week is the study week and the week after is already the final exam week. =S

   A lot of stuffs had happened during this whole week. Perhaps, I could conclude that this week was a mixture of happiness, frustrations, and stresses. Yes, those bad ones won over the good one, again. Been emo-ish for the past couple of days. Don't ask why.

   Anyway. My sister is going on a trip to China, Macau & Hong Kong in 7 days, leaving tomorrow! I envy her very much! Zzzzz. ={ Wish I could travel that far for holidays with my friends. Although Penang is finally capturing my heart slowly, I'm still homesick. Miss home, miss my parents, miss my siblings, miss my cats! ='(

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