Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sinking + Confused + Leaving + Lonesome + Sleepy

Yeah. I'm sinking. Sinking into something. Something I'm not very sure of. Hurm. I don't know what it is exactly. I'm CONFUSED. Duhhh. =.='

   Well. Lets just get over that thing for now okie? Haaaaaaaaa. +.+

   I've been in a very very very irregular sleep cycle this WHOLE week. Not sleeping the whole day, slept for 4 hours the next night, then slept for 9 hours on the following night. And tonight I'm not sure how much more will I sleep or will I not sleep again? =O I'm seriously am getting confused by my own body system. Or am I confusing myself? Heh? See. Confused confused confused. Serabutttttttttttttttttttt ouhhhh. =.=

   The final exam is 2 weeks away. Just 2 WEEKS away from now. Excluding the study week, there is only A WEEK left for lectures and classes. After that, bubye classmates. No more fun, happening, crazy, out-bursting, random jokes in classes. I'll freaking miss those moments dude! This is the part I hate in life the most - The Leaving part. Why do we always have to leave something we already are attached to? I just hate this kinda saddening things in life. It just sucks!

   First, I had to leave school. Then, PASUM. And now, in 3 weeks' time, I would be leaving AUCMS. Leaving behind my beloved friends here. Yeah it's definitely something worth to be emo-ish about. I get attached to people very easily, and I am a hard-to-let-go type of girl. So, I'm very sure I'll cry a lot upon leaving. Wuwuwuwu. ='(

   It seems that everyone is going back home this week. I guess I will be left alone in the house again this week, in this lonesome dead town called Kepala Batas. Hope my parents are really coming on Sunday or Monday. At least I won't be that bored, staying alone. Hurmmmm. I miss my FAMILY! I'll only be back at the end of the programme. I've promised myself, and I would have to stick to that. Principles of Life, Aisha. Principles! =/

   Enough said. I'm getting the SLEEPY SYNDROME again. Warring myself to not to be controlled by the syndrome. Nescafe isn't working. Hurm. I just don't know what could fight this syndrome anymore. Tortured myself for jogs these two days, still, my body isn't as fresh as before. What more could I do? Tell me, please. I have to stay awake and fresh to study wehhh. Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy. Sorry for abandoning all the other subjects. I'll study them all later on. Perhaps on the study week? Huhu. :)

P/S : Sorry if this post is damn longgg! (and kinda crappy) Haven't really spent much time to blog. Anatomy occupied my life so much that I couldn't spend my time dating with my blog. Hehe. Sorry dear bloggie. :D


teen nabila said...

teen pun ade problem ske tdo dua minggu lepas. emm rsenye, u kena cari balik semnagat nak studyyyy ! :D heheee
sbb after teen dpt balik semangat nak study, teen dh kurang rse mengantuk. or u should try my new sleep cycle? 8-12 pm sleep then berjaga smpai esoknyee :) sounds ridiculous rite but i did it !

if tak balik weekend ni kalo xsalah farrahana hamdon pun xbalik, ape kte join farra? xla sunyi sgt kan heeee
*sorry comment panjanggggg*

iCeY 'AiShA said...

Hehehe. Thanks Teen! ;)))))

Anonymous said...

thank you