Friday, 16 December 2011

Off for a "Long" winter holiday! Hee. :D

Hey peeps! :D

First thing first, I just had an awesome day! Went for a jog early in the morning and Ice-Skating later in the evening at Carlton Hotel, Galway! Hee. Haven't really skate for quite sometime now. Lost a bit of those special balancing skills on ice. *fell twice right down the knees! LOL* Anyway, glad to have an ice rink over here in Galway. :DDD (I loved it when they played "Fireworks" by Katy Perry. My favourite song aka Booster of all times! Heee. )

   So, I'm off tomorrow night to Dublin-Bristol. Bristol-Southampton-Portsmouth-London-Manchester-Dublin-Belfast(PUISI). Long list huh? I'm just a follower, didn't even helped the seniors with anything really. Hehe. Excited to have my first winter holiday without my family. Insya-Allah, hope everything goes well as planned. Amin! May the journey throughout UK and Northern Ireland be smooth. :)

P/S : I'll try my best to update my blog with pictures to share. Insya-Allah. :)

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