Thursday, 5 January 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Thoughts. Expressions. Pictures. Videos. Writings. Rights. Freedom of speech. Demonstrations? Ermmmm. A big NO!

   Alright! Those aren't actually where this post is heading to. Just being a little provocative. Chillax! :P

Lets get to the REAL thing, shall we? Hihi. :)

   Ideas pops up randomly sometimes. For instance, blogging. I'd loved to write everyday if I could, but the problem is, there's not enough ideas in my head to share. This is when discussions and my usrah (Islamic circle of sharing) sessions come in handy, helping me generate fresh and more importantly, good ideas to be shared. A matter of inspiration, it seemed.

   Voicing out one's opinion is never wrong, not in legal terms nor in social terms. Hey, its a freeeeee world! But, there's always limits to it. Everything has its limits in this world. But again, those limits do not mean you should keep quiet, just read your books and do that "dunno" face about the current issues around us. Students, or should I put us under the Youth category, must be alert of the things we are in. Our religion, our nation, our people and ourselves, of course! :)

P/S : This feels empty. I still am having those restriction in freedom of speech! Free me. Free us! Insya-Allah. :D

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