Sunday, 1 January 2012

Winter Trip to the UK! :D

Assalamualaikum, friends! Alhamdulillah, it's the first day of year 2012, and I just got back in Galway yesterday, after 2 weeks being away for my winter hols. Hee. :D

   I won't be spending much attention on the details on every places I've stopped by, instead, I'll focus on what I've gained throughout the whole trip and some interesting facts from those places. Insya-Allah. :)

The pictorial summary of my whole 2 weeks' Winter Trip in UK and Northern Ireland. ;)

   So, the flow of the trip was Galway - Dublin - Bristol (Bath) - Southampton - Portsmouth - London (also Oxford) - Manchester - Dublin - Ballintoy, Belfast (PUISI 2011) - Belfast - Dublin - and back to GALWAY! Hee. Alhamdulillah, everything went smooth, except for the current financial state I'm in. Economical crisis. LOL! Blaming myself for the non-stop shopaholic-ness. =S
   Despite the large and heavy luggage I had to carry here and there (LOL!), Alhamdulillah, I've managed to travel to many interesting places in UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Thanks to my 3rd year seniors for the great invitation to the awesome winter trip! Thanks a million! :DDD

Soton! :D
   Networking is the most important thing to me since long before I flew here to Ireland. I even emphasized it on Failte Freshers' Trek Siswa video. Haha. :PPP Here's the link :  Failte Freshers 2011 @ Bunratty Castle In just 2 weeks, I've got to know a lot of great friends along the journey from South to North (and had an increase in total Facebook friends, of course. LOL. :P). Cool, nice, generous people (mostly seniors). I've always loved to mingle around with people older than my age. Not saying that I don't have friends of the same age, it's just that older people are wiser, more matured and you actually could get a lot from them, as they are more experienced. :D

   Too much to tell in a single post, so I will, Insya-Allah do a follow up post regarding PUISI 2011 : Akademi Al-Fateh.
   So, that's it for now. If you wish to see some photos of the trip, kindly visit my Facebook photos page. 70% of it being scenery pictures. I LOVE NATURE! ;)

P/S : I wrote this since yesterday, and only managed to complete it today. So, it's a 2011/2012 post! Heee. ;DDD

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