Monday, 25 January 2010


I'm freaking bored man! There is nothing interesting to do at home. I really wish I'll get a good job and work until I get a placing in any university. Lolz. Nothing is more boring than watching TV, playing stupid games on fb and relaxing. Gosh! Give me something to do. I really miss those schooling days now. The homeworks, the teachers in school & PTM and the most important part is my hyper-friends both in school and PTM. Hehex. Miss ya guys! :D

   I wana do some charity work, that perhaps can bring some joy in people's life and mine too. But, it seems it won't work out well. I had a talk with my mum earlier in the evening, and all she said when she heard volunteering at MERCY and Red Cross is, the organization is not good la, bla bla bla. Lolz. I don't think I'm that fit anyway. So, maybe I'll just give up on this dream. Hahax. XP

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