Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dreaming Big.

Listened to David Cook's version of Dream Big, and this sudden thought of dreaming big came into my mind.

   The lyrics made sense to me. "Cause if you don't dream big, what's the use of dreaming?" Dreaming is to imagine what we are about to achieve. Without imagination, there won't be any dreams. Without dreams, life would be meaningless, lifeless, dull and boring. Whether our dreams would come true or not, lets just leave that to God. =D

   We, mankind, are asked to do good on earth and carry out our responsibility well. So, why don't we DREAM BIG, and try our best to put them into realization. Dream hard, and work hard to realize it. Insya-Allah we can! ;)

   I personally have big dreams too. My goals/dreams before I reach 30 years old is definitely BIG, but I know it's not impossible to be achieved.Plus, my family too, have BIG DREAMS for me. My goals? I want to finish my specialization in Otolaryngology by the age of 30 and become an ENT specialist in some big hospital in the world. Perhaps overseas, Insya-Allah. ;) I want to be the best! In fact, everyone does. Thus, lets set our minds on dreaming big. =)))

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