Sunday, 17 October 2010

What's there in your LIFE?

Have you ever thought of the important things in your life? What matters the most and what matters the least in Life?

   Faith. Sincerity. Trustworthiness. Belief. Self-Confidence. Etc... All these are important to me in life. But sometimes, I do feel I'm losing grip of it. It's slipping from my life. I feel empty. That's when RELIGION matters the most! Without holding on to something, you'll easily lose touch from the ground.

   Stress. Tensions. Conflicts. That's where problems arise. And our job is to resolve them. Resolving them are hard processes to be made. You'll always need someone beside you, to guide you through life, to show you the way. The right pathway to the right track of life. And that is ALLAH the Almighty. =D

   Alhamdulillah. Thank God. I still have my senses when I'm dealing with stress and problems. Please don't take that away from me God. I rely much on my senses to get through life. =)

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