Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tired. =S

This whole week of studying is wearing me out, dude! Tired, Exhausted, Feeling Fatigue!!! I'm going mad if this goes on and on and on.... Thankfully exams are just 2 days away. Can't wait to face it and get over it ASAP! Duhhh.

   Aish. I've prepared a studying schedule, but most of it failed to be followed by dear Miss Aisha. Haha. Most of the days were spent on head-cracking Bio, and little did I concentrate on the others. Haiz. =.='''

   Tensions building. Just recovered from fever actually. Which is a normal thing that often happens to me, everytime exam is around the corner. Hah! Anyways. Good Luck to my Pre-Meds pals. All the best in Final Sem 1 Exam, next week! See ya soon. ;DDD

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