Sunday, 14 August 2011

Good Tips for Ramadhan and some other days. :D

Lets spare some of our time to watch this useful video shall we? I assure you, much benefits will be gained, despite of the fact that the video is quite a long one. Something useful are to be shared and spread after all, aite? Insya-Allah. :)

How to stay productive during Ramadhan? Three main items : Focus, Energy and Balance.

INTENTION is a very very very important thing in everything of Life. Insya-Allah, with a good and right intention, we'll live a good life. :)

   TIME. Discard the unnecessary items, the distractions that takes much of our time in our daily life. We don't actually do much in one day, do we? Yes, distraction fill much of our life (mine too!). So, ponder for awhile, what have we done in a week, a month, a year? And how much of the time are filled with distractions and not quality time with Allah The Almighty? Astaghafirullah. This is a reminder for myself and maybe this could be for you too. So, try to make your days more productive okie? :)

   From this video, there are a few great tips that drew my attention into it. One of it was, the Sleep cycle part and the POWER NAP! :DDD Please watch it and I give you 300% assurance that you'll never regret watching it. The first part was quite slow, yes. But as you proceed beyond time 12.36, you'll be WOW-ed like me! Haha. =O! 

   I want to share a little about the power nap part here. Hee. You just have to spend about 20minutes of your time to gain about 4hours' sleep time. That's cool right?! Just sit and relax, close your eyes and try to relax our body and mind, free yourself from any work. After 20mins, you'll feel fresher than ever! I've really tried it, during before Zohor, it really works! This is also the Sunnah of Rasulullah (pbuh). Lets try this out and you will have the rest of the day filled with energy. Insya-Allah. :DDD

   Insya-Allah. Hope this entry of mine and the video could assist all of us towards a better and more productive Ramadhan. Insya-Allah. Amin. ;)

P/S : We are almost reaching half of Ramadhan. Much challenges had been faced by me, my family and my friends. May Allah give us the strength and patience to endure the remaining Ramadhans. Insya-Allah. :)
Stay strong friends. Especially FT! I want the cheeky, cheerful dude back! ='(

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