Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Am back in the REAL world after being kidnapped by the workaholic cinematic alienated ME. :P

Assalamualaikum, world! :DDD

At de Palma Hotel. :)
Finally! I've end my part-time working days (bubye TGV ='( I will miss you!) and am back to the social buzzing world. Sorry for abandoning you, dear bloggie. ='/

Goodbye TGV! ='( 
   Sorry that I've been busy for the past month and not replying much of my friends' text on phone or chat messages on facebook. Sorry guys. I've been really busy and tired of work. A million, trillion and gazillion sorry! +.+

   Here I am today. Free of work. BUT! Am not free of things to be settled. Tons of stuffs to do. I would say, it is a preparation for the "short" trip to somewhere far away. Nahhh. Lets not get there. I will be emo-ish when I talk about this. I really don't feel like leaving, you know. ='(

   Anyways. At least today, I've bought my stationary and my study needs (books and dissecting kit). The rest? I'm still waiting for my offer letter from them, dude. It's almost mid August, yet I only have the agreement forms in hand. Pfffttt. Seems like I would have to rush things within this week, before I attend the pre-departure programme in Penang and in KL. And YEAH, it's gonna be another busy week for me!

   I wonder when will I have proper rest at home and enjoy them slowly? Plus, my brother is getting married this Raya, and that adds to the busyness schedule. ='( I need a break. Please. =.='

   Today marks the last day of the first 10 Ramadhans. Insya-Allah. May Allah give us blessing for the next 19 days of Ramadhan. Amin. :)

Awwww! I miss you guys already! The last day of work and hope this won't be the last hangout. ='(

P/S : I am already missing my TGV gang. Work wouldn't have been fun without you guys! Thanks for the wonderful experiences! =')

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