Friday, 26 August 2011

The past few weeks of CRAZINESS. =S

Assalamualaikum, blog readers. =)

I have not blogged for the past few weeks already. My life have been filled with busyness from the moment I started working till today and still the busyness will prolong till the day I head to Eire, I'm pretty sure. I wonder will it extend until the day I return to Malaysia? I hope not. Pfffttt. =.='

   Alright! Enough crapping. Lets get straight to the point, shall we?

By right, today is already the 26th of August. Four more days of Ramadhan, and we'll celebrate our long awaited Eid Mubarak. I do not sound thrilled, do I? Curious to know why? Hurm. This is why...

   My brother will be getting married on the 2nd September in Kuching. I will only be able to celebrate Eid in KL for TWO days, and then I'm off to Sarawak until the 6th. Upon returning in KL, I will be busy packing for my next longgggg journey. This is when I really must stay strong. ='( ALL THIS IN SUCH A SHORT TIME! I'm very very very depressed when I come to think of the day it will be at the airport.

   People had been saying, "Oh you're independent, you're strong, you're brave". Only God knows how weak and dependent I will be when I'm away from my family! Argh. ~.~

P/S : I've been depressed, sad, exhausted, crazy and kinda feel like a loner these few weeks. So, yeah. Breaking it all up and getting my Raya mood soon. Insya-Allah. Ramadhan had been testing much on my patience. Insya-Allah, Allah has His plans of doing so. I've pickup a lot on Life ever since these problems arise. Thankful, but still I feel stressed out. May Allah ease my Life. Amin. =)

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