Monday, 2 April 2012


Assalamulaikum wbt. Bismillahirrahmannirrahim. :)

Three awesome days in a row!

Just finished having the big Galway event - PASAR MALAM GALWAY! Woohoo. Alhamdulillah. Glad that everything went well. AZZURO won the decoration category! *I decorated it :P*

   Friday marked the last day of the Anatomy Laboratory Spot Test and on the night itself, traveled to Dublin to board the early morning flight to Birmingham, headed to University of Warwick for SMILE! And just got back in Galway today at 2.30am, and tadaaa Pasar Malam at 2pm. Allah gave me strength despite the flu, cough and fever I had during the journey. Alhamdulillah, praise Allah the Almighty, Allahu Akhbar. May Allah bless us and let us be strong all throughout our life! Insya-Allah. :D

What's SMILE all about? Lets elaborate on it, should we? :)

   First of all, SMILE is an abbreviation for "Spring Moment with ILuvIslam" (don't ask where the E comes from. Haha. xD). This spring, the theme was :"Islamic Malaysia, Hope or Harm?". Prof. Dr. MAZA and a few more other well known individuals were present at the forum. It was a really interactive and professionally conducted session, filled with freshly generated ideas and thoughts. I really respected the speakers and the audiences of their professional attitude. I wish all the Malaysians both the overseas and local people could have this kind of conversation under one roof. =/

   The main discussion was, the idea of Malaysia being implemented towards a more Islamic approach and thoughts about both the parties, UMNO and PAS in Malaysia. From what I've chipped from their shared thoughts, implementing an Islamic country isn't an impossible thing, rather it is the way it should be. From the history of the Islamic empire back then, even from Rasulullah s.a.w. building Madinah, we could see that an Islamic country would not and should not be only for muslims, its for everyone, including the non-muslims. Where else should we learn to build a great nation if not from Rasulullah? Islam is the way of life, the best way of living! :D

   People always would want to avoid talking about leadership issues and political issues of our country. Why? Because they aren't open-minded enough to accept critics. Critics or in other word, feedbacks, are to me the most essential component of life. Without these elements, we can't ever possibly achieve excellence or to a more extreme term, PERFECTION. :D

Forget about racism, forget about your cultural importance, forget about your race, forget about being selfish, we are all human, we are MUSLIMS, we should bring ISLAM to the top.

   Being open-minded is not only being tolerance, it's a whole lot more than that! I really dislike it when people are so pro-race and they forget about the more important part of them, which is ISLAM. Yes, being in a race, having and practicing the culture of the race we are born in is not wrong at all, but once it is more superior than the Islamic culture, to me, it is no good anymore. It should be left, immediately.

   Be open-minded. We are professional and highly educated people, we can control our emotions and think rationally. We are big enough to evaluate our own country. Change it or shape it. Your choice. :D

P/S : We either make a change or wait for the change to come. You either wait for the last train or you join the early train. The earlier the better. Heee. Jzzk. :)

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