Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Have you ever felt sad?

Assalamualaikum! :D

Human and emotions. Never will be separated. Allah has created us mankind, as a creature full of emotions. My dad once said, females use 90% emotions, and 10% of intellectual in their life. And males use 90% intellectual and only 10% of emotions in life. Thus, that is why the male species is far more suitable to lead in any situation. This was based on some research he read through. Wallahu 'alam.

   When I come to think of it, certainly, no doubt, it's true. I'm not being sexist at all. Lets put down our ego and agree on this.

"Butterflies. Beautiful, yet fragile. So are women."

   Girls/females do really have fluctuating emotions. They may seem tough outside, but they are as fragile as a glass in the inside. I couldn't agree more on this. Because, I'm always weak in managing my emotions. Often do I break down in tears. Mainly because of little stress/pressure I received. BUT! This does not indicate that females are weak. They are the strongest in fact! :D

   Imagine a mother carrying a fetus in her womb, do you how heavy that is? And how much pain do mothers go through during labor? It was said that labor pain is the closest pain to death during death. Wallahu 'alam. That is how strong and noble mothers are. Appreciate your mother. I love my mum! ;D

   Anyway, sadness come and go. So does happiness. My theory of sadness is happiness. When you are at your very bad state of mind, you tend to be such pessimist, that not even the best advice could help elevate your mood. After every sadness, Allah always sends lotsa lotsa lotsa great things for us. Always. Insya-Allah. When we are sad, lonely, solo, forever alone, and etc (LOL!), we are actually far more closer to Him. Sadness is happiness. Sadness brings us closer to Him, sadness draws us back to Him. Because we know, there's no one, except Allah that heals, that listens, that solves and does everything for our own good. He is the ultimate One. Allahu Akhbar. :)

P/S : Thank you Allah, for dipping me into these thoughts. SubhanAllah. =')

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