Saturday, 25 February 2012

Inguinal Canal.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I know the title is weird. Unusual. Never talked about anatomy in my blog so far ( have I?).

   So, what's up with the catchy anatomical title there, Aisha? Nothing. Just a random name I thought I'd give to the post title today. Just to make sure I'm still in the Anatomy mode of studying. LOL.

The inguinal canal is a canal where the spermatic cord (male) or round ligament (female) passes through. It extends from the deep inguinal ring to the superficial inguinal ring.

My point here is to relate the "inguinal canal" closely to our life. How is that so?

   It's a canal, it's like a transition zone. What's our canal then? Life, exactly! Life is a transition zone we go through before heading to the hereafter(akhirat). Canals are always surrounded by walls. Superior, inferior, anterior and posterior walls. So is life. We are surrounded by so many things, that we sometimes aren't aware of its existence. We tend to focus on the things ahead of us, thus neglecting other important matters on the other 3 corners.

   Life goes on. Do you care about your life's "canal"? Take note of the people around you. Observe them, talk to them, help them. Wallahu 'alam.

“With every hardship there is ease, with every hardship there is ease.”  Quran (94:5-6)

P/S : Stopped to ponder upon life. Yes, time is such a short time, but life goes to waste if you don't make use of everything Allah has gifted to you in life. ;)

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