Sunday, 11 July 2010


I'm super-duper-triper-quadraper EXHAUSTED! Rushing to finish up my tutorial works and stuff. Argh. I'm getting no adequate sleep each and everyday, which will result in losing focus in lectures. Duhhh. What can I do? I have to make sure or like what a friend of mine said, I WILL GET 4.0 FLAT, Insya-Allah with Allah's will! (credits to Sufi :D)

   Went to KLCC with The Weekenders + 2 new friends yesterday. An adventurous journey from UM to KLCC, with 3 bus transits, me being the tour guider and the night ended with us rushing, running madly, to catch the last Putra train back to UM. Hahax. Both 9 Temples : Death Ghost and Eclipse was boring! I did something illegal yesterday. I switched cinema without anyone noticing! Ahahax. :P!

These pictures was taken at the 12th RC's lakeside. -The Weekenders-

   Throughout this week, I've learnt a little bit more about what life is all about. It had widen my thoughts and perception on Life. Life is not that hard to live, anyway. All we gotta do is do what's best for our afterlife (akhirat).

   Action speaks louder than words. People may say bad things behind your back, but you know best about yourself, and your friends know who you are. So, stop bitching about others and don't judge a book by its cover. Get to know that particular person first, before you start to judge them. Everyone isn't perfect. So, we have to accept them the way they are, don't try to correct them or try to "help" change their attitude. It's human nature to not be liked by everyone. In fact, it's impossible to make everybody to like you the way you are. To me, people's perception is not that important afterall. What's more important is, you know and understand yourself. Plus, Allah understands you. =D!

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