Sunday, 4 July 2010

Weekends. -.-

Normally, back then when I was still in my secondary school, weekends are the days where I have my break, time out of homework loads (but not on the SPM month). Now, it seems so vulnerable. Weekends are as equal to the weekdays. Perhaps, more hectic than weekdays. Why do I say so???

   Hmmph. =.='''! At the end of every week, there will always be unfinished tutorials, reports, and revisions to be completed. There will never be a week without stuffs to complete, infinite, never ending here in PASUM. Plus, I'm facing a huge problem of digesting and memorizing FQAH0112 (the taxonomy part of REDO in biology). Haiz. Can you imagine? We have a short test for biology every week, and this so-called continuous learning is adding extra pressure on my lovely brain. Lolz. That is only biology. How about the rest? Argh! XE!

   Straining of the brain is in progress... That's why I need weekends to be my period of relaxation. A time for me to release my tensions and to take a time off the books and homework. I've tried swimming, but it made little effect. I need other methods to release these pressures!

   Another issue is not having enough sleep and rest. Sometimes, I face fatigue situations, where I have to rush to places with only an hour's break. Tiredness overwhelmed as I get back to my room. And sometimes, I could not even afford to take a nap, with the workloads I have in mind. It is that BAD! What could I do but not to bear these situations? Insya-Allah, with the help from Allah, I can, CAN, go through this course smoothly and achieve my target of 4.0 flat in both semesters. Insya-Allah! =D

   In this meantime, I will try to not add too much pressure on myself. I'm scared that I will have a nervous breakdown. :S! Insya-Allah, no! Thank God, I have my group of friends who accompanies me and were wiling to lend their ears to me. Giving me some useful advices. Thanks guys! Love you all <3!!! ;DDD

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