Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sad or Happy?!

It's early in the morning, and I was woken up my a telephone conversation, between my mum and someone :X. Want to know the story behind it? Hmmm. Let's cut the story short okay?

   Why am I in this dilemma, between Sad and Happy? Let me tell you why. I'd most probably leave PASUM and my friends soon. This is a very very disheartening, sad news to share with you all. :'(! This is the reason why I texted you all yesterday, guys. I'm going for a meeting session with someone in MARA later today in the evening. I'll try my best to negotiate to stay at PASUM till the end of the programme. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU ALL, GUYS! Sobs :'(((  I've became so attached to my gang and PASUM, that I don't feel like leaving and when this news came about to me, I was damn depressed. :'(

   My first choice? Still Medicine. Then, followed by Engineering (I want to major in Mechanical Eng. so badly, all because of F1! :D), Dentistry (I don't know why it's AFTER Mech. Eng.) and finally, my favourite Economics! It's a bit weird to see my choice jumping about different fields. Hehe. :P

   Looking at the brighter side, I'm able to study overseas again, after my hope was crushed by JPA! Nah, never mind, at least I'm not bonded to the government and JPA! Duhhhh. :P But, the problem is, can I excel and not have the trouble of paying MARA back? This worries me much. :E! Another issue is, where would I want to go, which university, in which country? I'm searching for the resolution right now.

   Wish me luck guys! :D I know you all don't want to see me leave you all, I feel the same way too. But, this is my future. Everyone wants the best for their future, right? I'll try out my luck with MARA. :)

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