Thursday, 1 July 2010

I'm "a bit" homesick. Ahahax. XP!

As I've never been away from home more than 3 days (the camps in school) throughout my whole life before, so this is the first experience I had so far, staying in a university hostel (which is not too far from home anyway, Duhhh!). Up to date, hmm, what I can conclude is, I've learnt a lot in being MORE independent, because I do think I am already independent even before I entered PASUM. Hehe. xP!

   I've met tons of new friends, which I sometimes can't remember their names (oops, sorry guys!). And also, the most important thing now is, I've a group or a gang, called the "Weekenders",which consists of 4 Hayat students (including me!). Ahahax. Nothing much. It's just that we click together and often go almost anywhere together. Hee. =D It's great to have clicks this fast. Problems could be shared, and resolved in a shorter time, especially our TUTORIAL homeworks!

   Lectures, Practicals and Tutorial classes. Sigh. =.='''! 8am - 5pm daily. What a hectic life I have now. But, I rather like the situation now, compared to that period of time where I stayed home, and did nothing. Hahax. Hectic Life is absolutely better than a plain Boring Life. I love being busy and occupied with work or stuffs to do. So, Asasians, lets enjoy this hectic moment of our lives. We can only go through this kind of experience once, therefore, enjoy it and make use of it to the fullest, to enable us to get hold of our bright, shining future! Insya-Allah. ;)

   That's all for now. I have to get some rest and get up early everyday. May Allah bless our lives. Insya-Allah. :D

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