Monday, 6 June 2011

Happy smiles no more. Gone. #.#

It has been 2 exhausting weeks. Until something great happens, I won't be able to get my happy smiles back. I wish I could vanish somewhere far far away, where no one else could find me. I want to chillax, take a long break and enjoy the happy-go-lucky life I had previously. I wish I could. But no. It's not possible. Never will it be again. ='(

   I felt of wanting to be left alone. Becoming hypersensitive lately. Gosh. I'm starting to turn into someone else, which I myself don't really understand. I need something. ASAP. =/

   Sometimes, I hate being bothered by people, randomly. It annoys me much all the time. Their actions. Their attitude. Them being hypocrite. Are that my friends? No thanks. I don't need those kinda people in life. I'd rather be left all alone.

   Till I find ME again. Bubye. =.='''

P/S : Losing faith in myself. I need my mama real bad. Come home faster mum! I'm freaking tired. ='(

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wana_love said...

jij, okay x result?