Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Solo Adventure to the Merlion City. ;)

Throughout this year, I've been travelling solo a lot. Penang, Kelantan and etc. But this trip is by far the most adventurous trip I've been to. So, I would like to share it with you all. Enjoy the pics followed by the experience. Hehe. ;)

The costly new built TBS terminal in Bandar Tasik Selatan. Bigger and more advanced than the newly built Puduraya though. :)

11 June 2011, Saturday.
   Travelled from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Bandar Tasik Selatan to the neighbouring city of lights, via an express bus, at 4pm with my dad. Arrived in the center of Singapore City around 9pm, after having to go through 2 hours of Malaysian and Singaporean checkpoints =.=! Finally, after having our supper tapau-ed at one of the famous Briyani and Murtabak restaurant, my dad and I headed to Boon Lay (my auntie's apartment) via the MRT. It was a long trip from Raffles Place to Boon Lay dude, 1 hour plus plus. Tiring much, but luckily the MRT was fast and air-conditioned. We ate and had our good night rest. ;)

12 June 2011, Sunday.
   Early in the morning, after doing our Subuh prayers, we started packing. Packed and loaded the stuffs on the rented lorry. My 70 year old auntie was to move back to Bedok, our original house, because she had just lost her husband. He past away of heart-attack at work recently. Inalillahi wainnaillahi raji'un. May Allah bless his soul.
   And, we packed, and loaded. Three trips had to be made, and I was in-charge of unpacking the stuffs at Bedok. Wosh, it was a super-tiring job! From morning till night. Waaaaaaaa. =.=

13 June 2011, Monday.
   Still we were unpacking the stuffs. Went back to Boon Lay to pick up a few things and headed back to Bedok to continue the journey of unpackinggggg. =.='
   Before going to Boon Lay, we had had our lunch near the Tampines Mall. Went to SingTel (kinda like our Telekom Malaysia) in Tampines Mall, in order to fix a telephone line at our Bedok house. :)

The Woodlands checkpoint and the Causeway Point Mall opposite the Woodlands MRT station. :)

14 June 2011, Tuesday.
   A little more of the unpacking. My dad went back to KL on today's evening. I followed him till Woodlands checkpoint and I went back to Bedok by MRT and bus. Interchange here, interchange there, there I go... From this point onwards, I was all by myself. Yeah! The real adventure starts the following day! ;)

15 June 2011, Wednesday.
   The whole adventure of mine was totally 100% via bus and MRT trains only, plus most of my journey are on foot alone. I love walking! Heee. FYI, MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit. It includes buses, taxis and train services. You don't really need a car to travel in Singapore, because the country is fully organized and everywhere there is an easy route to get to. Thus, train and bus alone are the best transport for everyone here. I love their system, as it reduces the amount of cars in the country that reduces traffic jams and indirectly has its impact in reducing air pollution. ;)

   Okay, lets see where i went and what i did on this particular first day of my solo adventure. :D

The beautiful Bedok Reservoir Park located right across my apartment building. Beautiful ain't it? ;)

   Early in the morning, I started my adventure with fresh-filled air. Went to the beautiful Bedok reservoir park near to my apartment block. Walked around the reservoir and took some pictures of them. One of the most beautiful parks I've been to. I wish Malaysia could built and maintain lots of these here. Owh please? =/

   My very next stop was Changi Airport. A good adventure requires an organized plan, and it all had to start off with a good understanding of the places of interest. So, I went all the way to Changi Airport to get maps and brochures from the airport's Tourism Centre. And seriously, I took lots of them. Next, I had my all time favourite Mee Rebus at Bedok Interchange and headed back home for Zohor. Whenever you are in Singapore, you MUST try the Briyani, Murtabak, Mee Rebus and all the other famous foods there. Its a MUST! Yum yum. (I'm gonna gain a lot weight if I continued staying in Singapore. Haha.)

Bugis Street. The real shopping heaven! Looking over-crowded right? Hee. Just like our very own Petaling Street in KL. ;D

   After resting and flipping through the brochures, I decided to go on a short shopping adventure on Bugis Street. Hee. What I bought? It's a secret. :P If I were to compare the shopping capacity between S'pore and Malaysia, I would say Malaysia is a lot cheaper. The clothes, the souvenirs, the EVERYTHING lahhh, is way cheaper in Malaysia. But, if you are working in Singapore, with that kind of salary and currency, nothing in Singapore is expensive to you. The problem was, my head kept on converting between the currencies. Expensive much dude. =.=' So, I window-shopped most of the time in order to search for the best thing to shop for. Hehe. This is called a "budget-shopping". Huhu. :P

16 June 2011, Thursday.
Alright! The next exciting adventure day. :)
   Guess what? I actually went to Sentosa Island finally! After having travelled to Singapore almost every year since I was a kid. Yeah, I usually return to Singapore during festive eves like Hari Raya. Because, my arwah grandma used to live in Singapore. I miss my BabaMa, that's how we address her as. May Allah bless your soul. =')

From Vivo City to Sentosa Island. The pictures tell a better story of the beauty of the wonderful island. ;)

   The day was kicked off with about 1 hour ++ trip from Bedok to Harbour Front by MRT, there situated a mall called Vivo City. From Vivo City, I chose to walk on the Sentosa Board Walk. Entrance fee is only $1 per person. Not as expensive as what I've been told. Haaa. You can also board the monorail from Vivo City to Sentosa, I board the monorail on my way back. Free. Hee. :D

   Yeah, walking about 1 kilometre into Sentosa via Board Walk is kinda tiring, but I'm glad to have to feel the sea breeze and got a chance to slowly ingest the view of Sentosa across the sea. Hee. ;D Above are the pictures of the journey. Enjoy it. The beaches, the buildings, the people. All was AWESOME! ;) 

   I wanted to enter the well-known Universal Studios of Singapore, but enjoying the fun alone in there isn't exciting. So, I will spare the trip with my family next time. Insya-Allah. ;D

   But, that wasn't the end of the day. I still had some time, so I decided to give the Funan DigitaLife Mall and then Clarke Quay a visit. ;)

Clarke Quay is best visited at night. It is the most happening place for the Europeans. Bars and steamboats. Happening nightlife. :)

   What interest me most at Clarke Quay was the G-Max Ride. I will ride it next time, next trip to Singapore. $30 student price. Heee. Lets go peeps? I guarantee you, it's more awesome than Solero in Genting. Adrenaline pumping games, I loike! Heeee. :D

17 June 2011, Friday & 18 June 2011, Saturday.
   I did nothing much these two days. Stayed home to take care of my auntie. She had her vertigo attack suddenly, so I had to look after her. Hurm. Saturday morning, which is yesterday, I decided to head back to KL, as I have to attend a brain-wash camp BTN tomorrow. =.='

The conclusion of the solo adventure? AWESOME. Now, I have my full confidence on being independent. I believe if I were to be dumped anywhere in the world, Insya-Allah I'm confident I'll survive well. ;)

This trip has really brought some new learning experience to me. Communication skills are seemingly improving, as I had to speak English and Mandarin most of the time in Singapore. I met a lot of foreigners and had some time to exchange a little bit of infos. Indonesians, Pinoys, France ( I met a France dude on my way to Sentosa. Hehehe. :D). Singapore is truly an international country! I admire the system much. Especially the organized and disciplined society. ;D

And I've learn a whole lot of other new things in life. Thanks to the trip. :)

I really hope I will get more chances to travel abroad. Hoping Ireland will be one of the destination of my exploration. Insya-Allah. Praying hard to give them the best out of me in this second chance. :)

P/S : I am off to BTN camp starting tomorrow up to Friday. Get ready to get brain-washed by the government. Woahhhh. =S


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Hahaha. Purple mana la yg kau maksudkan nie. Yg bwh tuh yg pjg tuh eh? Huhu. :)
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