Saturday, 2 July 2011

Life is A RACE to be WON!

Imagine yourself sprinting in a 100 metre race. You are currently at the 80 metre marking point, and you are about to win. 20 more metres and you will win! But, with the exhaustion in your legs, you seriously feel that you cannot continue up to the finish line. Not even the cheers from your fans could help you replenish the energy of your muscles. What actually goes through your mind at that very point?

   If I were that athlete, this is what I would have in mind :
"20 more metres, and the winning trophy will be mine. Lets give the race all out, despite of the pain and cramp I will suffer later on. I've worked such a long distance, why can't I put a little bit more afford in completion of the 20 metres? Go, girl! Go get that finish line you've always dreamed of! You can do it. Your fans had cheered for you, and lets not crush their big hopes for you. Sprint!"

Now, lets apply that imagination on this real life. For example, in the very situation I'm facing right now.

   Yea, the reality is I failed to get through the first interview with the Irish. But, it's not over yet. Alhamdulillah, I still have my second chance with the Irish and I've got a backup. The race is still on. Like the race I've mentioned earlier on, even though you are full in fatigue-ness, and thinking of the bad consequences that you will face later on, you must go on, continuing the race, because it's not over yet! Trying your best is the best option you have at this very moment. Optimism is what I need. "Will I be sad and heart-broken again, if I don't get through this time?" Lets just set that thought aside for the meantime. =)

   And the hopes of the fans represents your family and friends' hope for you. You don't want them to be sad and see you giving up too soon right? So, think of yourself, your family, friends and most importantly Allah swt. Allah don't like to see us giving up too soon. Always be on the stronger side of yourself. Insya-Allah. ;D

 Before I end my point of view, one more crucial thing. Sometimes, when people try to drag down your emotions, fight back! Show them that you can win too! :D 

P/S : I am writing this to inspire myself for the second interview, this coming 5th July. Because I am kinda in the lazy mood to study for the interviews right now. Hahaha. Hope it could inspire you in anything you do in life. ;)

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