Thursday, 11 November 2010

Exhausting week! =$

Tired. Tired. Tired.

   This entire week was totally exhausting! I don't exactly know why, but it was really tiring! Probably because of the huge amount of workload I've received within this week. =S Argh! Don't let me get started on the assignments. I feel like going back to PASUM already. Although there's tons of tutorials to work out on, I felt happy to finish it up. =( But not here.

   Okay. Lately, I sleep early, eat alot, and fb-ed less. There's some good and bad side of that. Haha. Sleeping early, and less amount of time spent on fb arel good achievements. But, eating a lot is really NOT ME! WTHeck man. What happened to me lately?! I'm not sure either what has got into me, after I've returned here in KB from the Deepavali holidays. I've gain much weight I think for the past few months. Blame it on the pressures and chocolatesssss! Aha. :P

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