Monday, 8 November 2010

Sorry bloggie! Hee. =D

Sorry for not updating you, my baby bloggie. Haha. Apparently, I was a little busy back in KL. And now, since I'm back here in KB, I can update you often! Yeay! Hehe.

   I had fun during the 3 short-day-break in KL. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. All filled with great moments, spent with family and friends. =) Those 3 days had really made me don't wanna return to this place. Haa. :P But, I have NO CHOICE! I need to study and stay here for the next 7 months. Nevermind, at least, I have great friends here to accompany me. :)

   F1 UPDATES : Seb had finally won, after a disappointing race ending in Korean GP last 2 weeks. Yeay! Superb 1-2 finish! Webber came in second, and were followed by Alonso, Lewis and the otherssss. Haha. Redbull on top of the constructors' standings and Seb is nearing to the crown. Hee. =D
Thanks to Luscious Liz for not making any trouble today. Heeeeee. =D

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